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  • Winter wonderland Frauenwald

    Tourist-Information, Nordstrasse 96, 98711 Frauenwald

    How to Get There?


      Get to Ilmenau via Frankfurt am Main and Erfurt, which are connected to the German ICE- and IC-network. From Erfurt get to Ilmenau with the "Erfurter Bahn" (a private railway company). In Ilmenau take the bus line 300.

      DB BAHN

      Highway A71 from Erfurt to Schweinfurt (and vice versa): take the exit no. 15 "Ilmenau-Ost" and go ahead in "Gehren/Großbreitenbach/B87/Königsee" direction. In Ilmenau follow the signposts to Frauenwald. There are parking grounds nearby.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 50.591782
      LONGTITUDE: 10.858222



      Take the bus no. 300 at the Ilmenau railway station, heading to "Busbahnhof Kommerstraße, Suhl" and exit in Stützerbach at the "Kreuzung Rennsteig" stop. Walk 3 minutes to "Rennsteig Bahnübergang", take the bus 300 to "Pl. d. Friedens, Frauenwald" and exit at "Tränkbachtal, Frauenwald". Walk 4 min.

      Nearest station

      Tränkbachtal, Frauenwald

      At the Leipzig/Halle airport take an urban railway to Leipzig main station (Hauptbahnhof) and take a train to Erfurt there. In Erfurt take the "Erfurter Bahn" to Ilmenau, in Ilmenau take the bus no. 300 (see "bus" section).

      Nearest airport

      Leipzig/Halle (LEJ)

    Why Go There?

    The little town Frauenwald is located directly at the Rennsteig, which is the ridge walk of the Thuringian Forest. During the summer, it's a stronghold for hikers, in the winter an attractive ski resort.

    Due to the altitude (750 meters above sea level) and due to the location in the midst of the Thuringian Forest Frauenwald is usually assured of snow. The place offers wonderful opportunities for ski hiking tours and cross country tours. There are more than 35 km of cross country trails available in any degree of difficulty – for beginners as well as experts.

    Once each year a sled dog race takes place here which is an amazing attraction for both kids and adults. It's a very special atmosphere, and the visitor doesn't feel like being in Germany but rather in the lonely forests of Scandinavia or Canada. The visitors are placed directly besides the racing track; hence they experience the event very closely.

    Deep in the snow-covered forest there are hidden bunkers from the GDR era. The "Stasi" ("Stasi" is an abbreviation for "Staatssicherheit" which was the east german security police) used these bunkers intensively, and in case of emergency these bunkers were considered as a shelter from any inconvenience. The bunkers are kept in order completely and can be viewed nowadays. There are guided tours, and the guides have a huge background knowledge about the former times of the German separation. This make the tours interesting, and history comes alive here for sure.

    Frauenwald is worth a travel for anyone who wants to spend some calm days in a beautiful and amazing winter wonderland.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Tourist-Information, Nordstrasse 96, 98711 Frauenwald, Frauenwald, Thuringia, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    Frauenwald is located at the Rennsteig which is a 170 km long ridge way separating the Thuringian Forest and the Franconian Forest. Formerly it was used as a borderline between Franconia and Thuringia. Here one can hike during the entire year - both in summer and in winter. The hiking trails are branded very well, and there are trails for everyone: beginners, advanced and experts.


    The Wartburg in Eisenach is a more than 1,000 years old castle which was built by a Thuringian grave. Martin Luther lived here for a time and translated the major part of the bible. Today it's an open air museum – come in and watch the old chambers, the dungeon and the spacious courtyards around. Travel back in history here. Opened the entire year.

    Horseback riding

    The Reiterhof Rosenberger in Frauenwald offers horseback riding including riding lessons conveyed by professional teachers. Additionally there is the opportunity of carriage rides during the summer as well as sleigh rides during the winter. There's an indoor riding arena as well, hence don't care about the weather.

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