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  • Wünsdorf - The Book Town

    Zehrensdorfer Str. 12 15806 Zossen / OT Wünsdorf

    How to Get There?


      Regional lines RE3 or RE7 are going straight to train station Zossen. From there you can take bus or a taxi to get to Wünsdorf the Book Town.

      DB BAHN

      From Berlin B96 south direction via the city Zossen and then follow the signs to Wünsdorf.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 52.191071
      LONGTITUDE: 13.469150



      There is a Bus (line 618) going from Potsdam Monday to Friday every hour. No bus ride on weekends or holidays.

      Nearest station


      The international airport Berlin Brandenburg (BER) is real close, only 30 minutes by car or train (R7) from Wünsdorf. Tegel airport is not far either, only 40min by car.

      Nearest airport

      Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg

    Why Go There?

    The Book Town in Wünsdorf is a mixture of a 100-years old military history, sightseeing & culture. Wünsdorf is the one and only book town in Germany located in a romantic Brandenburg pine forest with a bunker.

    Since 1998 Wünsdorf is a Book Town (Bücherstadt & Bunkerstadt Wünsdorf). It is located in the state of Brandenburg. Wünsdorf represents a long military history. During the Second World War, the underground scale complex was home to the largest news hubs. Later at the time of the GDR this city was the seat of the High Command of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. 

    After the turn and the withdrawal of troops, large parts of the former barracks were converted into apartment buildings and now form a party of the municipality of "Waldstadt". Only the history of Wünsdorf makes the city unique among the book villages all over the world and there is always a connection between it and antique shop names, books stall and ranges. 

    The idea for a book town was born in Wales. In Hay-on-Wye Richard Booth founded the first "Book Town" in 1962. The main idea was to create a town with an ensemble of antique shopes, restaurants and cultural events. A "mecca" for bibliophiles, who are interested in everything what is concered to books. You can visit a lot of museums with exhibitios and guides tours through the huge bunker complexes.

    It is incredible to see how history and the present day are in conjuction. 


    Location Details

    Escape Address: Zehrensdorfer Str. 12 15806 Zossen / OT Wünsdorf, Zossen, Brandenburg, Germany

    Things to do close by!

    Nature exploring

    Naturpark Nuthe-Nieplitz is a experience of nature and culture only 40 minutes away from Wünsdorf. In the middle of this nature park you will find a Nature reserve with an important resting and breeding area for many bird species. You can explore a lot of the beautiful countryside and wildlife.


    Wildpark Johannismühle is only 30 minutes away from Wünsdorf and invites to explore the beauty of the nature. The Ice Age have this landscape it's character where you find nowadays a gorgeous variety of unique forest, meadows and ponds.


    Fläming Skate is a landscape which is perfectly made for skating only 35 minutes away from Wünsdorf. The trails are on average 3 meters wide and the various skate routes are interconnected to form a network. You can discover many sights and attractions on the tours.

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