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  • Teufelsberg Berlin

    Teufelsseechaussee, 14055 Berlin

    How to Get There?


      Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Main Station) is connected to the ICE network, and thus, accessible easily from all over Germany. Take the urban railway (S-Bahn), line S7, heading to "S Wannsee" and exit at "S Grunewald". From here walk 2.5 km.

      DB BAHN

      From the "Berliner Ring" (a ring of highways around Berlin), highway " A 10". Follow the signposts "Berlin-Tegel Flughafen/Berlin-Zentrum/Zehlendorf/Potsdam-Zentrum". Then change to "A 100" and follow the signposts "Zentrum/Messedamm/Messegelände ICC". Follow the signposts to the "Teufelsberg".

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 52.497635
      LONGTITUDE: 13.241274



      Berlin Tegel in the west of Berlin is closer to the escape than Schönefeld in the east. Take the bus no.109, heading to "S + U Zoologischer Garten" and change to urban railway (S-Bahn) at " S Charlottenburg Bhf". Take the "S7", heading to "S Wannsee" and exit at "S Grunewald". From here walk 2.5 km.

      Nearest airport

      Berlin Tegel (TXL)

    Why Go There?

    The Devil's mountain (Teufelsberg) in the Grunewald in Berlin is not a natural hill but was banked up with rubble from the second world war. With 120 m above Sea level it's the highest height in Berlin.

    26 million cubic meters of rubble from the bombed Berlin were used to "build up" this hill. This is roundabout one third of Berlin's entire rubble after the second world war.

    Starting in 1957 the area was used by the US Army, building up a radar station for air traffic safety. Later a large listening station was built on the hill by the NSA, and rumors say that this station was part of the global "ECHELON" intelligence gathering network. "The hill" - as it was called by american soldiers - was an excellent place for listening to Soviet, East German, and other Warsaw Pact nations military traffic.

    In the 1990, after the german reunification, a group of investors bought the area, planning to build a hotel and appartements here. But these plans never came true, and the building permission expired in 2004. Since then the area is disclosed as forest, and thus, irreclaimable.

    The buildings of the former listening station are vacant today. They are in a bad condition, but nonetheless there are many curious visitors who go inside and look about. But officially the buildings are shut. Nevertheless there are guided tours through the buildings.

    The area is used by hang gliders and paragliders, by mountain bikers and hikers; it's used as a local recreation area, and during the winter it's used as a ski, snowboard and tobbogan slope. There is a small ski-lift which can be used as soon as there is enough snow.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Teufelsseechaussee, 14055 Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Things to do close by!

    River cruise

    Have a very special sightseeing tour and discover Berlin from a ship. On the river Spree there are a couple of ships showing you the city from a very special and completely new angle of view. Choose your tour: small tour (1 hour), large tour (3 - 4 hours), evening tour ... or let the ship bring you to Potsdam.


    The "Grunewald" (which means "green forest") is a huge forest in the western side of Berlin. It's the largest green area in the entire city (7.400 acres). Here is an excellent hiking area, walk through the green forest, see a couple of beautiful lakes (the so-called Grunewald lake-chain), enjoy the nature.

    Ski & winter sport

    At the Devil's mountain there is little ski-lift and a little ski slope. Furthermore a ski jump and a tobbogan run. In 1987, on the occation of the 750th anniversary of Berlin, there was a slalom competition with famous skiers from all over the world. Today one can ski a bit there, as soon as there is enough snow.

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