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  • Saalfeld – Feengrotten World

    Feengrottenweg 2, 07318 Saalfeld

    How to Get There?


      Get to Saalfeld via Erfurt (connected to the German IC network) with a regional train ('Erfurter Bahn'). In Saalfeld take a bus line "A", heading to 'OVS/Gewerbegebiet' and exit at 'Feengrotten'. From the bus stop it's just 2 minutes to walk to the entrance.

      DB BAHN

      Motorway A4 till Erfurt, then change to motorway A 71, heading to 'Schweinfurt'. Take the exit no. 14 'Arnstadt-Süd' and go ahead in 'Rudolstadt / Stadtilm / Marlishausen' direction. Follow the federal highways B 85 and B 291 to Saalfeld. There are enough parking grounds around.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 50.634838
      LONGTITUDE: 11.340379



      At the Saalfeld station take a bus line "A", heading to 'OVS/Gewerbegebiet' and exit at Feengrotten. From the bus stop it's just 2 minutes to walk to the entrance.

      Nearest station


      Take a tram, line 4, to Erfurt main station and take a regional train ('Erfurter Bahn') there to Saalfeld. In Saalfeld take a bus line "A", heading to 'OVS/Gewerbegebiet' and exit at 'Feengrotten'. From the bus stop it's just 2 minutes to walk to the entrance.

      Nearest airport

      Erfurt (ERF)

    Why Go There?

    Nov-April 10.30 - 15.30 Uhr, May-October 9.30 - 17.00 Uhr

    The Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes are one of the oldest caves all over Germany opened up to the public. And the Guiness Book of Records considers them "the most colourful grottoes in the world".

    Originally the Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes (Saalfelder Feengrotten) were used as a mine for alum shale (until approx. 1850). It was kind of forgotten, and rediscovered in 1910 as a cave with beautiful and rich colored dripstones. The different colors –  especially the more than 100 shades of brown –  go back on rich appearances of iron and a couple of minerals. Since 1914 the cave is a show cave and open for public.

    The cave is divided into three parts:

    • The upper level shows an exhibition about the miners in the Mid Ages

    • The second level is 26 meters below ground, and is the actual find spot of the cave. Scientists were searching for a source of spa-water.

    • The third level is the so-called "Fairy Tale Dome", and this is the most beautiful and most spectacular part of the cave. Here the visitor finds the colorful dripstones mentioned above.

    The growth speed of the dripstones in the Fairy Tale Dome is a thousand times faster than the growth of "normal" dripstones (chalk), as they are of different material than "normal" ones. This means that the most stalagtites and stalagmites are not older than approx. 300 years.

    The Fairy Tale Dome in the Feengrotten World Saalfeld is a perfect location for romantic and special events. For instance it's possible to celebrate a wedding here – and this is an unforgettable experience for sure. There's no better place to get married, is it?

    What about a romantic date with an exclusive guided tour for two out of hours? This is possible as well –  and this includes not only the tour itself, but includes also a glass of sparkling wine and the entrance fee for the 'Grottoneum', a museum with all informations about the Saalfelder Feengrotten and the 'Feenweltchen', a special experience world for young and old.

    All infos here:

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Feengrottenweg 2, 07318 Saalfeld, Saalfeld, Thuringia, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    The Saalfeld environment is a perfect hiking area. There are plenty of hiking trails around, for any level of difficulty: beginners as well as advanced hikers. Enjoy the soft and silent sound of pure nature, and relax and recreate completely here. The most favorite hiking trails are the 'Drei-Städte-Weg' (Three towns hike), the 'Walderlebnispfad' (Forest adventure path) or the 'Bienen- und Naturlehrpfad' (Bee and nature teaching path).


    In Saalfeld the visitors have the opportunity to get a very exclusive insight into two beer cellars. The subterranean halls belong to the largest ice houses all over Germany. A guided tour is available at certain schedules, and is worth to be made of use. Apart from the guided tour itself (with many interesting informations about beer brewing) the visitors get a little snack with Saalfeld cellar beer as well as a little gift.


    The city of Saalfeld has a long and eventful history. Follow the "historic loop road" ("Historischer Rundweg") through the city center and learn a lot about Saalfeld's former citizens, about their lives and works etc. Highlights of the loop road are the historic city hall, the old pharmacy, the St. John's church, the Darrtor and the Saaltor (two medieval city gates), the castle ruin "Hoher Schwarm, the old town fortification, and the former Franciscan monastery.

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