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    How to Get There?


      Regensburg is connected at the ICE network.

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      If you go by car you can take the federal motorway A 3 Cologne - Frankfurt - Nuremberg - Regensburg - Passau - Vienna or the federal motorway A 93 Munich - Regensburg - Weiden - Hof - Dresden federal roads are B 8, B 15, B 16.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 49.014542
      LONGTITUDE: 12.100856



      The nearest Aiport is Munich / Erding which is 85 km away from Regensburg. If you access by car it will take you about 1 hour. Or you can take the direct bus "Airport Sprinter" to Regensburg.

      Nearest airport

      München (MUC)

    Why Go There?

    Regensburg is a real treasure for lovers of historical places. The city one of the oldest cities in Germany and located at the most northern point of the Danube River.

    With around 150.000 citizens is Regensburg the fourth largest town in Bavaria. And definitely one of the best preserved medieval cities in Germany. Luckily Regensburg got spared from the destruction during the second world war and preserved so all the beautiful historic houses, the wonderful patrician towers and astonishing monuments. Today Regensburg has over 1500 listed buildings. On which 984 of them form the historic core of the ensemble "Old Town with Stadtamhof", which was recognized in July 2006 by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.

    The marvellous historic old town with it´s winding streets, homey cafes and small shops invite visitors to explore. Having a stroll today through the narrow streets and passing on the historic buildings, it is easy to imagine how the city must have looked like centuries ago. Various churches, towers and patrician houses dot the medieval Regensburg, the Italian flair conveyed. The Stone Bridge, St. Peter's Cathedral, the Old Town Hall or the Emmeramsplatz castle, residence of the princely family Thurn and Taxis, are only examples of the many attractions of Regensburg.

    Today the city offers the perfect mix of vivid history and vibrant modern life thanks to it´s unique architecture and all residents that characterise the unique atmosphere of this city.

    Tip: While in the city you should definitely visit the famous "Historical cooking and sausage kitchen" - called "Wurstkuchl" - it´s located near the stone bridge directly on the southern bank of the Danube.

    The today visible building East of the historic salt residences (Salzstadel) is dating back to the 17th century and was built at the same time as its surrounding buildings, which even received parts of Regensburg's old town wall from the 14th century.

    Archaeological excavations have shown, that a similar food stall must previously have been exactly at the same place. It is documented that already during the construction of the stone bridge as well as the Cathedral in the 12th century the workers and masons in the Wurstkuchl could appease their hunger with delicious cooking meat. Due to the close proximity to the port also Regensburg's many port workers used to visit the small guest house on a regular basis.

    Today the historical Wurstkuchl is owened by the family of Schricker-Meier (for many generations now). They entertain their guests with fine sausages from the hotel's own butcher as well as homemade sauerkraut and mustard as perfect accompaniments - the restaurant is definitely worth a visit!

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Regensburg, Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany

    Things to do close by!

    Christmas Market

    The Christmas market with medieval scenery is one of the highlights in Regensburg. You can find christmas romance at the Christmas market at Neupfarrplatz or a 360 ° panorama view from the Christmas market at castle Thurn and Taxis.


    At the visitor center "Welterbe im Salzstade" you and your children can discover and explore history in a playfull way. On two floors the exhibition space offers impressive exhibits and objects, but also interactive game stations and media installations. The entrance is free.


    The Regensburg Cathedral belongs to the bishopric Regensburg. It's the magnum opus of the gothic architecture in southern Germany. The first episcopal church did exist already around 700 AD. The construction of today's cathedral started in 1270 AD - but it wasn't finished until 1870!

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