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  • Old Town Bamberg

    Geyerswörthstraße 5, 96047 Bamberg

    How to Get There?


      You can approach the Bamberg train station with ICE or the RE from the Deutsche Bahn. From the main train station you can take the bus 991 to Bamberg Schranne.

      DB BAHN

      To approach the centre of the Old town you have to cross either the Bischoffsbrücke or the Nonnenbrücke. Directly on the Geyerswörthstraße 5 is an opportunity for parking.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 49.890362
      LONGTITUDE: 10.889350



      From the main train station you can take the bus 991 directly to Bamberg Schranne. From there it is a 3 minute walk to the Old town.

      Nearest station

      Bamberg Schranne

    Why Go There?

    Bamberg is the largest old town ensemble in Germany.Since 1993 it is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In this wonderful part of Bamberg you can find many monumental buildings from the 11th & 18th Century.

    The Old Town has preserved the look of centuries past. It was always German and Catholic, which constitutes the typical aura of the city. Henry II declared in 1007 the city the diocese established and henceforth a power center. There was a Christian city on seven hills, such as Rome and Jerusalem.

    Today you can find spectacular attractions like the cathedral, the Old Court and the City Hall. The substance of the historical old town of Bamberg is preserved in its original state until today. Over 1000 houses are under monument protection. You have to see this authentic Old Town if you are interested in history and architecture from the past.



    Location Details

    Escape Address: Geyerswörthstraße 5, 96047 Bamberg, Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    The City Bamberg is a very historical city with a thousand years of art that has remained young. You can explore this city by shopping through a historical ambience & enjoy Bamberg in winter getting full of magic. The City is full of sights which are mixed by medieval charm & Baroque architecture.


    Only 16 minutes away from Bamberg you can find the Levi Strauss museum. In his birthplace in the Upper Franconian Butt, it is all about the most famous pants in human history. You can explore the story of the jeans and about the life of Levi Strauss.


    Bamberg is the Capital of beer, it has nine independent breweries and a machine factory for brewery. In no other German city the beer culture has been so alive. The production of beer secured the livelihoods of many artisans and farmers. You have to visit one of the breweries & try the beer there.

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