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  • Miltenberg - pearl on Main river

    Tourismusgemeinschaft Miltenberg-Bürgstadt-Kleinheubach, Engelplatz 69, 63897 Mi

    How to Get There?


      Deutsche Bahn trains (RB,RE) are reaching Miltenberg train station on a regular basis. Miltenberg is connected to the nationwide rail network via the WestFrankenbahn (up to Aschaffenburg and Crailsheim) and the Madonnenlandbahn (up to Heidelberg). From here its only a 13min walk down Brückenstraße.

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      From Frankfurt via the A3 to Aschaffenburg, now continue on the 469. From Würzburg on the A81 to Tauberbischofsheim, thence via the Federal road towards Hardheim - Miltenberg or A3 direction Frankfurt departure Wertheim/Lengfurt and from there via the Federal road in the direction of Miltenberg.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 49.701000
      LONGTITUDE: 9.258024



      Miltenberg lies on the limes cycling trail and on the main cycle route (see bike trails in Bavaria).

    Why Go There?

    Magnificent half-timbered buildings and medieval streets, sun spoiled vineyards, rich history, excellent museums and the smallest Theatre in the world all this and much more is awaiting you in Miltenberg.

    Miltenberg can look back on an eventful history - the city was first mentioned in 1237. Due to its favourable location on the ancient trade route from Nuremberg to Frankfurt, the beautiful city witnessed early economic heydays. But precisely this advantage was detriment of the town during the thirty years war, and mid-17th century as the city lost half of its population.

    The new transport links and the political developments, together with the shift of Miltenberg from centrally in the electorate of Mainz to the edge of the Kingdom of Bavaria, held most of the urban development within a manageable framework. As a result, the medieval urban structure and the cityscape could remain unchanged.

    To recognize the former importance of Miltenberg at the magnificent half-timbered buildings, as, for example at the old market square - is better known as „Schnatterloch - or the "Gasthaus zum Riesen" ("restaurant of the giant" the oldest Prince Hostel of in Germany). The "Schwarzviertel" (black quarter), the oldest part of the city closely nestles between the Main river and "Greinberg" (mountain).

    Medieval streets, excellent wines, rich history and entertaining tours, the town offers a wide variety of events but not only that, amazing cycling and hiking trails, beautiful "Häckerwirtschaft" (winery) and gastronomy, lovingly run small shops and much more. Miltenberg is a place you shouldn´t miss on your journey through Germany.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Tourismusgemeinschaft Miltenberg-Bürgstadt-Kleinheubach, Engelplatz 69, 63897 Mi, Miltenberg, Bavaria, Germany

    Things to do close by!

    Wine tasting

    Bürgstadt is characterized by wine growing and a real insider tip, it´s known for his unique "red" - among wine connoisseurs! The red sandstone as an ideal soil and the mild climate in the Main Valley provide the best conditions for viticulture. The "Häckerwirtschaft" (winery) are deeply rooted in tradition, of which almost always one has opened, visitors can enjoy an excellent drink in very special and convivial atmosphere.


    A special feature in the village of Kleinheubach is crossed by narrow paths the so-called "Hecke" (hedge), a large green area with many small and large gardens. The rows of houses are marked by the historical development: half-timbered houses alternated with sandstone facades, houses in the classical style, and Frankish Hofreiten. Particularly worth seeing are the Protestant Baroque church with the mighty, carved out of sandstone relief above the entrance and opposite the old town hall.


    Also in Kleinheubach is the Baroque chateau of the Princes of Löwenstein. Built in 1725 Louis Remy de la Fosse, one of the architects of Versailles, under the supervision of Johann Dientzenhofer, it exudes French elegance and southern beauty. Surrounded by a 17-hectare English landscape park with magnificent trees there is an oasis of peace and culture. More information here Fürstliche Zentralverwaltung, Marktplatz 12, D-63916 Amorbach

    Local speciality

    The economies of many "Häckerwirtschaft" (winery) offer their full-bodied wines and hearty snacks throughout the year and invite you to relax and enjoy. Like winemakers open their offices also specifically for groups and offer wine tasting and snack plate. Simply ask! A great starting point is also the 2010 newly opened "Weinkulturhaus"(wine culture House) in Bürgstadt, which combines local wine bar, bistro, Café and banquet facilities. Weinkulturhaus Bürgstadt, Hauptstraße 2, 63927 Bürgstadt

    Hidden gems

    The rock, pop and Schlager Museum BEAVERS in Miltenberg is a real insider tip. There is a museum with cocktail bar and live-location in the relatively inconspicuous from the outside building. National and international artists can find a wide variety of event of folk music and jazz to heavy metal, country and Rockabilly, Chansons and singer-songwriter, readings and cabaret and regular live performances instead of indoors, which would allow each hardrock Café envy green.

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