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  • Landshut - 800 years of history

    Veldener Str. 15, D-84036 Landshut

    How to Get There?


      Take the train directly to Landshut station from the direction of München or Regensburg

      DB BAHN

      Several options to take depending on the direction you are coming from: A 92 (Direction: München-Deggendorf) B 11 (Direction: München-Deggendorf) B 15 (Direction: Rosenheim-Regensburg) B 299 (Direction: Landshut-Altötting)

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 48.523281
      LONGTITUDE: 12.146750



      The closest major airport to Landshut is the Munich airport (ca. 35 km)

      Nearest airport

      München (MUC)

    Why Go There?

    An unforgettable experience to an 800 year old historical town situated on the Isar River. The city of Landshut has been Lower Bavaria's seat of Government since 1839.

    The city of Landshut was founded by Duke Ludwig I of Bavaria in 1204 and has collected a vast amount of rich cultural values over its 800 year history.  Landshut it most famous for its arts and crafts from the medieval times. Some of the most notable contributions to this fame are all of the master craftsmen, carvers, sculptors, bronze casters, harness formers and gold-smiths.  There are four major sights among many that a visitor must visit while in Landshut.  The first is St. Martin's church, where the steeple remains as a symbol of the citizens of Landshut and their rebellion against their dukes.  Made entirely of bricks and 131 meters tall the steeple of the church is unique in the world.  Maybe known as the towns "Landmark", the Castle Trausnitz was the home of the Wittelbach dynasty and served as their residence for Lower Bavaria from 1255-1503.  In later years it became the seat of the hereditary ruler of the whole of Bavaria.  The third must see sight in Landshut is the first palace bulit in Italian Renaissance style north of the Alps from 1537-1543 by Louis X.  Known today as the "Italian building", the palace sits close to the Isar river with a spacious courtyard and the palace chapel.  It was modeled after the Palazzo Te in Mantua.  The Italian building is connected to the German building (built in German renaissance style) by two wings.  Classically composed building with the fronts leading to the inner yard, the archways, the aisles and the maniqficent banquet-hall. Lastly, the fourth major sight of Landshut is the Town Hall in the middle of the "Altstadt".  Originally three patrician mansions built in 1380 the buildings stand as Landshut's Town Hall and the beautifully painted state room with a painting that covers all four walls is a representation of the "Landshuter Hoczeit 1475".  

    Bike riding, long walks, and weekly farmers markets are all things awaiting you on the trip to Landshut.  


    Location Details

    Escape Address: Veldener Str. 15, D-84036 Landshut, Landshut, Bavaria, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    Attractive bike routes run around and through the city of Landshut. 30% of all travel in Landshut is done by bikes making the use of bikes very accessible and easy.


    Grab your trail map at the tourist office and take off on a route that begins in the middle of Landshut and covers all of the city and surrounding areas.


    A beautiful 800 year old city with a vast amount of history and beautiful artistic buildings. A piece of history around every corner.

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