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  • Königs Wusterhausen - multi-faceted town

    Tourismusverband Dahme-Seen e.V., Bahnhofsvorplatz 5, 15711 Königs Wusterhausen

    How to Get There?


      Königs Wusterhausen is very well connected and Deutsche Bahn (RE, RB) trains are reaching the town on a regular basis from all over Germany. Whereas the S 46 is probably the easiest and most comfortable link between Berlin and Königs Wusterhausen.

      DB BAHN

      Königs Wusterhausen is only a 40min car ride from Berlin, simply take the A113. The city is very well reachably by several motorways from all over Germany. Coming from south take the highway A13. Take the A10 coming from the west and if you are coming from the east take the A12 and change onto A10.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 52.296448
      LONGTITUDE: 13.630962



      Flughafen Schönefeld (SXF) is the closest airport, from here it´s only a 16 minute ride with the car. But there are also possibilities to reach the Königs Wusterhausen by train, simply take the RB 14/19 or 22 - trains are running hourly and take only 16min.

      Nearest airport

      Flughafen Schönefeld (SXF)

    Why Go There?

    Relax - whether on a day trip, a weekend or for your annual leave - here in the land of the Dahme river, just southeast of Berlin is a lot to discover and explore!

    Set amidst a gently undulating landscape crisscrossed by lakes, rivers, and vast swathes of forest and moorland, places of interest and small farming communities await nature and water-loving holidaymakers and daytrippers in Königs Wusterhausen and environments. The beautiful town lies only a few kilometers south east from Berlin in Brandenburg and offers a variety of things to explore!

    No boredom in Königs Wusterhausen, is ensured by the great cultural offerings as well as the wonderful surrounding countryside which offers a variety of leisure. This area is especially attractive for hikers, cyclists and water sportsmen. In Königs Wusterhausen culture lovers as well as nature lovers get their money's worth. This, the largest city in the Dahme-Spreewald district, also for day trippers and tourists is a popular tourist destination. (By the way: The Dahme is an approximately 95 km long tributary of the River Spree in the south-east of Berlin.) Get enchanted by the originality and diversity of landscape, from the many lakes and dense forests, silent flow and channels, green meadows and floodplains. Castles, manor houses and churches are witnesses of a rich history. And even Theodor Fontane was amazed by the pristine beauty of the region in his "walks through Mark Brandenburg".

    Tip: while in Königs Wusterhausen visit the enchanting Schloss Königs Wusterhausen (Koenigs Wusterhausen Palace) which is part of the UNESCO world heritage "Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin". King Friedrich Wilhelm I, known as the "soldier King", Königs Wusterhausen loved the place since his youth. Here he prepared for his reign, developed new ideas for a well-organized and efficient State administration and began to build up a respectable army, known as the "Long guys". He later spent many happy hours with his wife and his 14 children at the hunting lodge, which was originally a medieval castle. The famous Tobacco Cabinet (Tabakskollegium), a social gathering where politics was conducted, was held here every evening. Every evening called Friedrich Wilhelm I. one his famous tobacco College, where policy was made in a round and bawdy jokes.

    Today the Schlossmuseum (Palace Museum) offers an authentic insight into the living environment and artistic pursuits of Brandenburg-Prussia during the first half of the 18th century. Forty of the pictures exhibited here actually come from the king himself. The ensemble of monuments at Schloss Koenigs Wusterhausen also includes the Kavalierhäuser (cavalier houses); these used to accommodate the king’s guests and are now home to art and the culinary arts.

    Opening times
    2 April to 31 October from Tue-Sun 10 till 18 clock (last tour 17.30 clock)
    November 1 to March 31 Tue-Fri 10-16 Clock (Last tour 15.30 clock) 
    Sat, Sun and public holidays 10-17 clock (last tour 16.30 clock) 

    Guided tours only
    24./25./31. December 2014 - closed, December 26, 2014 - open 10 till 17 clock, 01/01/2015 - 11 till 17 clock open

    Address: Castle King Wusterhausen, Schlossplatz 1 , 15711 King Wusterhausen or

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Tourismusverband Dahme-Seen e.V., Bahnhofsvorplatz 5, 15711 Königs Wusterhausen, Königs Wusterhausen, Brandenburg, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    The birthplace of radio lies in Koenigs Wusterhausen. The exhibition in the Museum of Transmission and Radio Technology presents almost 100 years of German radio history on the Funkerberg. Visitors can take a guided tour to learn about the history of radio and the historic Christmas concert in 1920 – the first live concert in the history of radio. See the impressive model of the forest of antennas on the Funkerberg in 1938 as well as small and large radio transmitters built from 1930 up to today


    200 stores under one roof and a shopping experience of a special kind: Situated directly on the A10, the A10 Center offers a new shopping world with unique atmosphere, big brands and much fashion and culinary variety for every taste. A special shopping experience is rounded off by a diverse and varied actions, events, and events that make the visit to the A10 Center Wildau again on the new experience. More information here

    Sailing & Canoeing

    Change the perspective and explore the lakes and rivers of the region from the water. The boat rental "Königsboot" offers a variety boats, canoes and kayaks and therefore promise fun on as well as in the water for everyone! Königsboot, Schloßstraße 5, 15711 Königs Wusterhausen

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