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  • Hohenzollern Bridge - a lock for lovers

    Hohenzollernbrücke, 50667 Köln

    How to Get There?


      The Hohenzollern Bridge is located in a distance of just a couple of meters from the Cologne main station (Köln Hauptbahnhof). This station is perfectly connected to the German ICE network and hence accessible easily from all over Germany. It's a 5 minutes walk from the station to the bridge.

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      Use the motorways A1, A3 or A4 and follow the signposts to the city center (Zentrum), the cathedral (Dom) or the main station (Hauptbahnhof). Tip: the parking garage of the Cologne main station is in a striking distance of the Hohenzollern Bridge. Park here and walk just 200 or 300 meters.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 50.941570
      LONGTITUDE: 6.965568



      From the Köln/Bonn airport take an urban railway (S-Bahn) or a regional train and get to Cologne main station (Köln Hauptbahnhof). From here it's just 5 minutes to walk. Traveling time from the airport to the main station is 15 minutes.

      Nearest airport

      Köln/Bonn (CGN)

    Why Go There?

    The Hohenzollern Bridge (built from 1907 to 1911) is a bridge crossing the river Rhine in Cologne, immediately in front of the Cologne main station. It's a rail bridge with pedestrian areas on both sides.

    The very special thing about the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne (Hohenzollernbrücke Köln) is the metal fence between the pedestrian sidewalks and the railway tracks: this is a very popular place for so-called "love locks" (also known as "love padlocks").

    What is a love lock? A love lock is a padlock which lovers lock to a fence, a bridge or any other fixture in the public as a symbol of their love. This habit has origin in Italy, which is no surprise, as the Italians are the "world champions of romance". Usually the names (or initials) of the lovers are engraved on this padlock, and after locking it the key will be thrown away (usually into the river Rhine) to make sure that it can't be unlocked anymore. Prior to this the lovers promise themselves eternal love and faithfulness.

    This tradition becomes more and more popular, and it led to the circumstance that the river Rhine partially isn't visible anymore from trains crossing the bridge. The number of locks isn't known, it's estimated approximately 25,000 with a weight of more than 2,000 kilograms (2 metric tons). One could suspect that this huge weight could lead to structural problems on this bridge - but far wrong. The Deutsche Bahn AG (the operator of the German railway) does tolerate this and doesn't see any problems for the statics of the bridge.

    The Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne is the perfect destination for a romantic promise of love – not only at Valentine's Day.

    Tip: Celebrate the love lock placing with a glass of champagne!

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Hohenzollernbrücke, 50667 Köln, Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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    The Chocolate Museum (Schokoladenmuseum) in Cologne can be found when entering the historic city center, not far away from the Hohenzollern Bridge. A couple of different guided tours is available here, such as especially for kids or adults or handicapped people. Special tip: Book a course about praline making – it's a sweet experience.

    River cruise

    Cologne is the perfect initial point for a cruise on the river Rhine. Many tours are available, such as a harbor tour which lasts 3 hours or a panorama tour to view the historic city center with the cathedral as well as many bridges. Did you ever want to learn how to make Sushi? Then the Sushi course on a ship named "Moby Dick" is the perfect opportunity.


    "Kölner Lichter" (Cologne Lights) is an annual special event which takes place every summer. It's a mixture between fireworks and music, and the particular thing of this event is the perfect synchronization of both music and fireworks. It's an astonishing experience to observe this event which takes place between the Hohenzollern Bridge and the Zoo Bridge. The event is regularly broadcasted in TV and Radio.

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