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  • Bayreuth Opernhaus

    Opernstraße 14, 95444 Bayreuth

    How to Get There?


      The Bayreuth main train station (Bayreuth Hauptbahnhof) is reachable from all directions with Deutsche Bahn trains. The train station is only a 7 minute walk away from the Opera House

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      You can achieve the Opera house from the Maximilianstraße or the Richard-Wagner-Straße through the Sternplatz. There is a underground parking in the Badstraße behind the Opera house.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 49.944260
      LONGTITUDE: 11.578176



      You can take several busses to Luitpoldplatz and from there it is a 3 minute walk to the Opera house. You can also walk from the main train station approximately 10 minutes.

      Nearest station


      Nuremberg Airport is the international airport in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg and the second largest airport in Bavaria. It is only a 50 minute ride with the car away from the Opera House. There is a possibility to approach Bayreuth main train station with public transportation in 1 hour.

      Nearest airport

      Flughafen Nürnberg (NUE)

    Why Go There?

    Apr-Sep 9am-6pm Oct-Mar 10am-4pm

    The Margravial Opera House is the most significant and best-preserved example of the Baroque theater culture. It was unchanged in its original form and shape. Since 2012 it's on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

    The Opera House is still part of life and work, as well as the artistic inclinations of the Margravine Wilhelmine. The Prussian princess and favorite sister of Frederick the Great, one of the most important female figures in Germany in the 18th Century. In just four years of construction, it was completed in 1748 at this time it was in size and splendor wealth comparable only with houses in big cities like Vienna, Dresden, Paris and Venice.

    It represents the courtly architecture of the Opera House from the 18th Century and is considered one of the most important architectural examples of absolutist society. Because of its stuccoed, carved and painted decoration, the opera house is considered unique in the world and its part of the Germany route of the "European Route of Historic Theaters". The Margravial Opera House is one of the most beautiful and historical things Germany has to offer.

    The Opera house is being renovated currently fundamentally. Since May 2013, there is a possibility, despite reorganization to visit the Margrave Opera House. On a screen is a panoramic image projected, which allows to see the grandiose interior of the opera house without disturbing objects.

    Tip: A special highlight is the visit of the royal box. Take a look in the direction of the building and the stage of the spot where Margrave Friedrich and Wilhelmine attended the Court Opera.

    They are expecting to finish the rehabilitation in 2016. After that, you can visit the Opera House in its full glory. (status February 2014)

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Opernstraße 14, 95444 Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    Only 4 minutes away from the Opera house you can find the New Castle in Bayreuth. After the fire of the old palace a French architect built a new city of residence by the order of Margrave Friedrich in 1753. You can find collections & exhibitions there.


    Start your day only 2 minutes away from the Opera house, in the Caffé Rossi, which is known for its good coffee and a variety of breakfast offers. Rossi is a meeting place for generations of artists, politicians and lovers.

    Spa & Wellness

    Only 10 minutes away from the Opera house you can find the Spa Lohengrin. Enjoy a stay at the Spa, with relaxing in different kind of pools, sauna or even pamper yourself with a massage treatment.


    The Wagner Festival is a music Theatre Festival. The festival takes place since 1876, with interruptions, since 1951 it is possible to visit this event every year. It is highly important connected to the history, because Adolf Hitler used to go the festivals. Today this is a top Wagner event in the world, which lasts for 30 days.

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