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  • Steigerwald Natural Park

    Naturpark Steigerwald, Hauptstraße 1, 91443

    How to Get There?


      The Steigerwald can be reached quickly by train. Trains of the Deutsche Bahn (RB/ RE) are connecting Würzburg and Nuremberg and run on a regular basis. Simply get off the train station Uffenheim, from here take the Bus 832 to "Hedwigsruh, Uffenheim" and change the Bus Line 142 to "Scheinfeld Post".

      DB BAHN

      The Steigerwald natural park can be reached quickly by car, the motorway A3 which connects Würzburg with Nuremberg, leads straight through the Steigerwald.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 49.665543
      LONGTITUDE: 10.462491



      The train station Uffenheim is the starting point from here take the Bus 832 to "Hedwigsruh, Uffenheim" and change the Bus Line 142 to "Scheinfeld Post".

      Nearest station

      Scheinfeld Post

    Why Go There?

    Explore a region full of Franconian charm, breathtaking natural wonders and picturesque castles. The Steigerwald Panoramaweg (panoramic trail) is well known as Germany's second most beautiful hiking trail.

    The Natural Park Steigerwald is situated in the middle of Franconia, half-way between the well-known historic cities of Würzburg and Nuremberg, between Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Bamberg. Besides those wonderful historic cities there great variety of things to explore and visit in the Steigerwald and its surroundings. Hiking in the Steigerwald Nature Park is a very unique experience. Every one who is approaching the nature park from the fertile and sparsely Franconian wine district in the West, already recognizes from afar a ridge which rises up to 220 m from the foreland - the "Steigerwald Panoramaweg" (forest panorama trail).

    The "Panoramaweg" hiking trail in the heart of Franconia runs over 160 km from Bamberg to Bad Windsheim. The trail offers many vantage points with new remote views, as well as lonely forests and many, rare and protected floral along the way. Forests, repeatedly interrupted by beautiful prospects in small valleys or in the vast foothills of the Steigerwald invite you and let the hikers heart beat faster. Picturesque villages, castles and castle ruins crown the mountains, such as the Stollburg ruin or the Zabelstein ruin. Probably, even the by historians long-sought birthplace of the minnesinger Walther von der Vogelweide is on the way. The hiking route goes through idyllic wine villages, which will enhance the hiking experience probably even more. Target is the to the world heritage Bamberg with its splendid buildings from the middle ages.

    The Steigerwald Panoramaweg was named to Germany's second most beautiful hiking trail. So the created according to guidelines for quality two-way "Walkable Germany" and consistently marked way offers everything a traveler wants. Before heading out, seek for local advice - Tourismusverband Steigerwald, Naturpark Steigerwald, Hauptstrasse 1, 91443 Scheinfeld or www.steigerwald-panoramaweg.de . - the office will help to find a route to match your fitness and time frame and can supply you with maps and further instructions.


    Location Details

    Escape Address: Naturpark Steigerwald, Hauptstraße 1, 91443, Scheinfeld, Bavaria, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    The City of Bamberg is only an hour car ride away.It´s a very historical city with a thousand years of art that has remained young. You can explore this city by shopping through a historical ambience & enjoy Bamberg in winter getting full of magic. The City is full of sights which are mixed by medieval charm & Baroque architecture.

    Nature exploring

    The attractive destination Wildpark Schweinfurt is a natural and proper reserve harboring numerous European species. On an area of 33 hectares, highly entertaining adventure worlds such as Burg Schweinstein (fortress), the bat swing, the elk playground or the new Treehouse join between Lynx, moose and Griffon Vulture. Wildpark Schweinfurt, Albin-Kitzinger-Straße, 97422 Schweinfurt


    Bathing in art: The former swimming pool transformed into the franconian Centre for contemporary art. The halls House exhibits of "expressive realism" of the collection of Joseph Hierling, as well as the collection of the city of Schweinfurt "Discourses" of German art after 1945. Kunsthalle Schweinfurt, Rüfferstraße 4, 97421 Schweinfurt

    River cruise

    Only a few ferries cross still the Main river. There are ferries of past still to be found especially in the area of the Main river loop. It is a special feeling to cross the river by ferry from Wipfeld/ St. Ludwig or Obereisenheim/ Stammheim. The car ferry transports all year around cars, cyclists including bicycle and pedestrian course. More Info´s on www.wipfeld.de

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