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  • Ruppiner Seenland - lake district

    Tourismusverband Ruppiner Seenland e.V., Fischbänkenstraße 8, 16816

    How to Get There?


      Coming from Berlin take the S1/ S8 to Oranienburg or the S25 to Hennigsdorf. From both stations you can catch the several trains of the Deutsche Bahn to reach the region RE5, RE 6, R12 or the RB 54. The Neuruppin train station is the perfect starting point for your journey.

      DB BAHN

      Coming from the North take the B96 and the A-24 to Neuruppin, if your are coming from the East take the motorway B 167 and the B-2. The A10, A11 and 114A are leading to Neuruppin from the South and coming from the West take the B 5 and B 103. The city center is well signposted.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 52.924480
      LONGTITUDE: 12.810618



      Traveling by boat? The Ruppiner Seenland is very well connected through channels, lakes and rivers like the upper Havel and its lakes or the Oder-Havel-Kanal (channel). The Rheinberger waters and the Rhin river are reaching the district as well as the Dosse river and the Jäglitz river.

    Why Go There?

    The Ruppiner Seenland (lake district) has a lot to offer - thanks to it´s rich Prussian history you´ll find enchanting town centers, beautiful castles, wonderful culture events and breathtaking nature areals.

    Ruppiner Seenland (lake district) is a paradise for nature lovers - here is the high sky over green forests, lush pastures, clear lakes and streams winding through the country and interconnected channels arches. There are landscapes, which are outfitted with their simple images: the poppies on the side of the road, the Brandenburgs cobbled streets lined with fruit trees, the Stork families on the roofs and meadows or the Beavers and otters in the waters.

    The landscape is pure and so in their essential features as already described Fontane more than 130 years ago in his "walks through Mark Brandenburg". Here you can hike for hours, without meeting someone. You can sit on a lake and listening to the singing of a pipe singer, admire the flight of the Sea Eagle, or enjoy the nature simply with all your senses.

    This beautiful landscape with all it´s lakes is an ideal hiking country. The well-marked hiking trail network allows smaller walks just like a day hike through different landscapes and natural areas as well as interesting towns and villages. The Ruppiner-Land-Rundwanderweg (hiking trail) is the probably the most famous one and 250 km long. The trail is divided into 13 hiking-friendly day trips from 15 to 30 km, which are well connected to public transport. Start and finish are possible from each of the 13 stations. Before heading out, seek for local advice - Tourismusverband Ruppiner Seenland e.V., Fischbänkenstraße 8, 16816 Neuruppin or www.ruppiner-reiseland.de - the office will help to find a route to match your fitness and time frame and can supply you with maps and tips for the cities and their historic background in the surroundings. 

    Besides a breathtaking nature offers the region enchanting historic town centres with city walls for example in Gransee, Rheinsberg, Kremmen and Neuruppin. The historic architecture of the Ruppiner Seenland is subject to the influence of Prussia. Connected with these Brandenburg Prussian history, the castles and manor houses represent a piece of the cultural identity of the Ruppiner Seenland. If you are searching for a taste of Prussian history discover the historic sites and thereby gain insight into the grandiose lifestyle of bygone times, like the excellent Rheinsberg castle or the Oranienburg castle. Recreation and adventure, the Ruppiner Seenland offers all your heart desires.


    Location Details

    Escape Address: Tourismusverband Ruppiner Seenland e.V., Fischbänkenstraße 8, 16816, Neuruppin, Brandenburg, Germany

    Things to do close by!

    River cruise

    House boating in Brandenburg - come on board the lines, make it clear, take course on the Ruppiner Seenland. By rivers and canals connected permeate the region over 70 Lakes. Set off and discover the beautiful water scenery in the Lake country. Navigate your floating, comfortable cottage on the water - without a driver's license!


    Along the paths of history and by scenic landscapes. Follow the river Havel and through fantastic landscapes! The Mecklenburg Lake District, the Ruppiner Seenland, Berlin-Spandau, Potsdam, the Havelland and the Altmark record the course of the Havel and run on the Havel cycle path along river floodplains and lakes. Cycling through the forests and untouched nature, past countless lakes in deep blue - the way to the Havel will amaze you in amazement! Immerse in the diversity of the regions.


    For over 10 years, you can experience a special kind of rest on a 28-kilometre route. You can experience the former train connection between Fürstenberg/Havel and Templin with the bicycle trolley. You can tap into the idyllic lakes of Brandenburg in the Uckermark and the upper Havel himself in a very individual way.

    Nature exploring

    The present-day Stechlinsee has developed from the initial chunks of ice at the end of the last ice age about 12,000 years ago. The sinister statements such as the "red rooster" or fictional nobility from Fontane's novel "The Stechlin" was at that time still not to think. Over the years, had to develop the chunks of ice and thus became Northern Germany's largest clear-water lake and a popular tourist destination for visitors and locals alike.

    Spa & Wellness

    Looking for some relaxation then the is the Fontane There Neuruppin the perfect place. Located on the longest lake in Brandenburg you can find the federally recognized medical source for everyone who whats to do something good for their body. You can relax in the float and saline pool with reviving thermal brine and an amazing view on the lake Ruppin. There is also a variety of saunas, from herbal steam, traditional Finnish sauna to Germany's biggest floating Lake-sauna.

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