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  • Hirschwald nature park

    Hauptstraße 4, 92266

    How to Get There?


      The main station is located in Amberg simply take the RE or RB of Deutsche Bahn, from here take the bus. There are two bus companies, that take you to your destination completely stress-free. Take the bus VGN 489 (Verkehrsgemeinschaft Großraum Nürnberg) or the RVV (Regensburger Verkehrsverbund).

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      Hirschwald nature park is located in the middle of the holiday region Bavarian Jura in the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land - it is almost 40 km east of Nuremberg and about 60 km north of Regensburg.The park is easy to reach via the motorways A6 and A93, simply follow the signage.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 49.341183
      LONGTITUDE: 11.934943



      Many bus companies take you to your destination - the VGN 489 (Verkehrsgemeinschaft Großraum Nürnberg) and the RVV (Regensburger Verkehrsverbund). The Lauterach-express of the VGN's leisure line runs through the Vils and Lauterach Valley (May-Nov), between Amberg - Schmidmühlen - Kastl - Neumarkt.

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    Why Go There?

    Hirschwald - the Bavarian Tuscany nature park in the Bavarian Jura is known for its rock landscapes and its fragrant Juniper heaths. Many endangered plant and animal species live here.

    Hirschwald - Known for its rocky landscapes and its fragrant Juniper heaths, Hirschwald, located in Bavarian Jura, covers around 28,000 hectares and is an ideal habitat for hundreds of endangered plants and animal species, such as orchids, cross gentian, the greater horseshoe bat, and the scarce swallowtail.

    The real heart of the Bavarian Jura is the Hirschwald Nature Park (Deer Forest). Hischwald Forest is a mystical forest with many secrets and legends hidden in the deep greens of the forest. There are few hiking trails that lead through Hirschwald due to being the home of many animals, many of which are extremely rare or endangered. However, within the Forest house and Heinzhof you can view different species of deer including, black or red and fallow deer. Between Regensburg and Nuremberg, the Juniper heaths in Hirschwald are especially noticeable. The cypress-like tree pillars of Juniper, the Mediterranean microclimate, and the scent of wild thyme, gives one the feeling of being in Tuscany rather than in Bavaria.

    In this dreamscape hikers and cyclists can find everything they want, from scenery, nature and beauty. The "Wacholderwanderweg" (Juniper trail) is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Bavarian Jura. Some other quality hiking trails are "Jurasteig" (Jura trail), "Erzweg" (ore path) and the "Jakobsweg" (pilgrimage route). Each hiking and biking trail will lead the hiker and cyclist by a beautiful romantic sanctuary, an enchanted castle ruin or through several dreamy villages. There are a few family-friendly cycle paths within the valleys of the rivers, Vils and Lauterach, which provide an enchanting landscape to its visitors.

    Local specialty: The Juradistl lamb is a culinary specialty of the region. Twice a year the Juniper heaths are grazed by the flocks of sheep in order to preserve this unique cultural landscape. Without the Shepherd and his flock the habitats would grow too big and in the end would die. The lamb graze on the herb-rich grasslands on the Jura slopes as part of the the Juradistl project, a nature conservation project. In the autumn, another local specialty is the Lauterach-trout, or the venison, which comes every year at the wild weeks in the autumn on the plate. So, the Bavarian Tuscany in culinary terms is the adorable little sister of the original.

    Before heading out, seek for local advice - Naturpark Hirschwald e.V., Hauptstr. 4, 92266 Ensdorf, Tel. (+49) 09624/9021191 or www.naturparkhirschwald.de - the office will help to find a route to match your fitness and time frame and can supply you with maps and further instructions.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Hauptstraße 4, 92266, Ensdorf, Bavaria, Germany

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    Ski & winter sport

    Monte Kaolino, Hirschau - is the ski & snowboarding area in the Amberg Sulzbach country throughout the year. The Monte Kaolino is unique with 33 bill tonnes of fine quartz sand, it´s a ski mountain without snow. The fine white sand, one rather feels like on the beaches of the Caribbean than in the Upper Palatinate. At one on a piste length of 220 metres and a gradient of around 40 degrees, some overcome are required by each "Monte"-rookie before the first departure.


    Nuremberg is just around the corner and has an exceptionally beautiful old town with many medieval buildings. Various city tours offer guided walking tours. Take your time and discover this wonderful city.

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