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  • Hiking trail Lieserpfad

    Maarstraße, 54550 Daun

    How to Get There?


      Take a train to Gerolstein via Cologne (connected to the ICE network) or to Wittlich via Koblenz (connected to the german IC network). Take a bus (from Gerolstein: line 500, from Wittlich: line 300) to Daun-Gemünden and exit at the "Maarstraße" stop. Here is the initial point for your hiking tour.

      DB BAHN

      Motorway A1 or A48 via "Dreieck Vulkaneifel", take the exit no. 119 "Daun". Follow the federal highway B257 and the signposts to Daun. There are many parking opportunities nearby.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 50.181614
      LONGTITUDE: 6.834315



      Take a bus (from Gerolstein: line 500, from Wittlich: line 300) to Daun-Gemünden and exit at the "Maarstraße" stop. Here is the initial point for your hiking tour.

      Nearest station

      Maarstraße, Daun-Gemünden

    Why Go There?

    Dense forests, volcanic lakes and rushing creeks: the 'Lieserpfad' from Daun to Wittlich is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Eifel. It's suitable for both not-trained and advanced hikers.

    The Lieserpfad is a part of the "Erft-Lieser-Mosel-Weg", a long distance hike which leads from Euskirchen at the Erft to Lieser at the Moselle river. The Lieserpfad is considered the most beautiful part of this trail. Alltogether it's 44 km long which means that one usually divides it into two day trips. But naturally it's possible to pick just one of the two sections. 

    The Lieserpfad is marked well with the Erft-Lieser-Mosel-Weg signs which is a black triangle on white ground. Just follow these signs and you'll never lose your way! The trail follows in the main the small creek named Lieser (which will flow to the river Moselle later on), and the Lieser valley is completely free of cars and trains, hence pure and unadulturated nature is what you will discover.

    The trail diversifies strongly and often, sometimes there is a narrow pathway at the slope, followed by wider paths through the forest or a fording through respectively a bridge over the creek. 

    Usually the two daytrips are:

    • day 1 from Daun to Manderscheid - here one finds a couple of hotels or boarding houses to rest for the night

    • day 2 from Manderscheid to Wittlich

    The first stage is the way easier one. One could say it's a "warmup" for the 2nd day. But the 2nd part (which is way more challenging, but not "alpine") ist the more beautiful one. Astonishing views and perfect pathways reward the hiker for his or her effort, for instance the view to "Oberburg" and "Niederburg" ("upper castle" and "lower castle") near Manderscheid.

    Especially during the 2nd part there are only a few opportunities to stop for a bite to eat, hence the hiker should carry some food and enough water. But this should be a matter of course for any hiking tour.

    By the way: any hiking tour can naturally be discovered from the "end" to the "initial point". In this case the finish is the beginning and vice versa. Just as well it's possible of course to hike just a part of the track.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Maarstraße, 54550 Daun, Daun, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    Discover the Wild- und Erlebnispark Daun (deer park in Daun). The very special thing about this park: there's an 8 km long roundtrip road through the park which can be passed over by car. Just drive through and stop anywhere you want for watching wild boars, deer, lamas, emus, sheep, goats, donkeys wild horses or monkeys. Visit the falconry or let your kids run the coasting slide or get to the large playground.

    Nature exploring

    The Vulkan Eifel is always still volcanically active. The German poet Clara Viebig described this circular lakes as the "eyes of the Eifel". The so-called "maar lakes" are former caldera of extinct volcanoes which are filled with water nowadays. Some of them can be used for swimming, fishing or a tour on a boat. The Pulvermaar is with 75 meters one of the deepest lakes in Germany at all.


    The Eifel is also a good place for cyclists and mountain bikers. Especially for families the Maare-Mosel-Radweg (Maare-Moselle cycle path) is recommendable. It's built on a former railway track and hence very flat (max 2.5% ascending or descending). It's 55 km long, but it's naturally possible to pass just a part of it. The mountains in the environment are perfect places for thrilling downhills or challenging ascending tours.

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