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  • Hiking trail Hahnenbachtal-Tour

    Ringstraße 22, 55626 Bundenbach

    How to Get There?


      Get to Kirn via Frankfurt/Main main station and/or Mainz main station with a regional train. Take the bus line 352, heading to Laufersweiler and exit at 'Rudolfshaus, Bruschied'. From here it's approximately 10 minutes to walk.

      DB BAHN

      Motorway A 61, take the exit no. 51 'Bad Kreuznach' and follow the federal highway B 41 resp. the signposts 'B50 / Idar-Oberstein / Langenlonsheim / Gensingen'. Take the exit 'Kirn / Rhaunen / Zentrum / Ost' and follow the country road L 183 to Bundenbach.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 49.846794
      LONGTITUDE: 7.385322



      At the Frankfurt-Hahn airport take the bus line 352, heading to 'Kirn Bahnhof' and exit at 'Rudolfshaus, Bruschied'. From here it's approx. 10 minutes to walk.

      Nearest airport

      Frankfurt-Hahn (HHN)

    Why Go There?

    The hiking trail 'Hahnenbachtal-Tour' was opted Germany's most beautiful hiking trail in the year 2012. It's part of the 'Saar-Hunsrück-Stieg', a long distance hiking trail.

    Starting in Perl at the river Moselle (near the borders between Germany and France respectively Germany and Luxembourg) and finishing in Boppard at the river Rhine, the Saar-Hunsrück-Stieg shows a length of more than 200 km. It's divided into so-called "dream loops" (Traumschleifen), and one of these dream loops is the hiking tour through the Hahnenbachtal (Hahnenbach valley).

    The initial point is located directly at the parking place near the former schist mine 'Herrenberg' in Bundenbach (Schiefergrube Herrenberg), which is worth a visit as well, by the way. The tour starts going slightly uphill over a distance of approximately 500 meters. Here is the highest point of the entire route. After this, the hikers go downhill to the Hahnenbach and follow its course for a while. Glory in the unspoilt environment and the silence of nature – it's a pleasure! 

    After a little bridge crossing the creek, there's a short ascent leading to the Hellkirch castle ruin (Ruine Hellkirch), lying on the tip of a knoll, 60 meters above the valley. From here one has an amazing view over the Hahnenbach valley. 

    During the further way, the 'Schmidtburg' becomes visible, the ruin of a castle built on a hill which was the hide-out of the famous "Schinderhannes" in former times. From here an amazing view is possible as well. 

    The Hahnenbachtal-Tour continues with a winding path leading down to the creek again. After passing some tunnels (which were built for the transport of schist formerly) and having some repeated nice views to the Schmidtburg the initial point is reached again.

    There are a couple of inns and local taverns available during the hike; hence it's no problem to have a break and stop for a bite to eat.

    The length of the Hahnenbachtal-Tour is 9.5 km, and it can be considered "medium". You don't have to be an expert, but you shouldn't be completely unfit to succeed. The time for hiking should be calculated 3 hours (plus the time for a break or two – this should go without saying).

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Ringstraße 22, 55626 Bundenbach, Bundenbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    The Hunsrück is a German landscape, where "Schilderhannes", the legendary outlaw, once committed his monstrous deeds. His civil name was Johannes Bückler, and he was proved to have committed more than 200 crimes, mainly cattle theft, blackmail and robberies. He was arrested in the 'Schinderhannes-Turm' in Simmern which is a museum nowadays.


    Idar-Oberstein is the largest town in the Hunsrück area, and it's well-known as "gem town" no. 1 in Germany. The gem museum shows all kinds of gemstones or semiprecious stones – more than 10,000 exhibits from all over the world. Idar-Oberstein is also known as a garrison town: after the french occupation troops it belonged to Prussia for a long time. The relicts of this areas are visible even today.

    Local speciality

    'Gefillte Klees' (filled dumplings) are considered feast in the Hunsrück area. In some restaurants, there are even offering to receive a third lump free after eating from two dumplings. But it's nearly impossible to consume a third one, as they really satiate! They are made of raw and cooked potatoes, filled with minced meat and served with a bacon sauce which is rich in content!

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