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  • Hasetal recreation area

    Hasetal Touristik GmbH, Langenstraße 33, 49624

    How to Get There?


      Deutsche Bahn trains are running on a regular basis to Meppen train station, from here it´s a 20min ride by car or 30min by bus. Simply take the linie 933 to Haselünne Bahnhof, then change to 935 direction Willen, Löningen-Wachtum and finally to Löningen Bahnhof 940.

      DB BAHN

      Coming from Meppen please follow the signage to Löningen over the B402 and E233.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 52.733299
      LONGTITUDE: 7.759269



      From Meppen simply take the linie 933 to Haselünne Bahnhof, then change to 935 direction Willen, Löningen-Wachtum and finally to Löningen Bahnhof 940.

      Nearest station

      Löningen Bahnhof

    Why Go There?

    Northwestern of Germany, by the Osnabrücker land up to the Emsland, this idyllic and unspoilt "Hasetal" (rabbit Valley) stretches. The Hasetal is a natural paradise of forests, bogs and large floodplain areas.

    A small Creek is the namesake of this unique region as already the name Hasetal (rabbit Valley) suggests. The Hase river meanders from its source near Melle in the Teutoburg Forest for about 160 kilometres through the Artland, Oldenburg Münsterland in the Emsland and Meppen, where its water unites with the "big sister" the Ems river.

    The Hasetal is a natural paradise of meadows, forests, bogs and large floodplain areas; Home and unique sanctuary for animals and plants, which have long since died out in other regions. If you enjoy bicycle tours - your needs for a perfect bike holiday are met in the Hasetal recreation area. Here drive wheel just relaxed and enjoy relaxing days. Along the rivers, the Hase river and the Ems river are cycling holiday as the most beautiful in Germany. Endless cycling paths along the Hase river and past wide fields in a distinctive rural cultural landscape are year after year target for thousands of bicycle travelers that fascinated by the lovable as liveable Löningen to leave. You will appreciate the varied range of leisure options, from where excursions on horseback, a visit to the attractive outdoor pool of waves and canoe tours Hase river lead the popularity on the river.

    An unforgettable bike tour on the river! Highlight of this region is among other things the Hase-Ems cosiness tour. There you go 6 days along the Hase and Ems river. During the day cycle quite relaxed by beautiful river landscapes - dinner you get pampered in biker-friendly hotels... For more information on the tourist highlights in Löningen and surroundings please contact www.hasetal.de or the Transport or Association Hasetal (www.Verkehrsverein-Hasetal.de).

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Hasetal Touristik GmbH, Langenstraße 33, 49624, Löningen, Lower Saxony, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    A must is the trolley rides. The trolley is the most interesting means of transportation for a trip through the Hasetal recreation area: on a disused railway line it - how to grandfather's times - on historic rail vehicles through the idyllic landscape of the rabbit.


    The whole world of cinema technique and the ambience of the cinema is experienced in the cultural and historical exhibition in Löningen. That is at the heart of the exhibition "experience theater". Find more information here www.historische-kinotechnik.de


    Vacation in Löningen means: experiencing nature with all your senses. Löningen is suitable particularly well as a key holiday destination from where visitors can explore the beautiful Hasetal and the surrounding while on vacation. We recommend including a ride on the historic steam train, a trip on horseback and a tour with the bike to the three mills in the old Office in Löningen. More information on the tourist highlights in Löningen are here www.loeningen.de.


    Bremen is only an hour drive away from Löningen. People here appreciate the finer things in life – internationally renowned coffee, chocolate of the highest quality, rare spices, tasty fish specialities and, of course, world-class beers. These can all be found in the city's charming shops, where time seems to have stood still.

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