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  • Altmühltal Nature Park

    Notre Dame 1, 85072

    How to Get There?


      There are regular train connections from Deutsche Bahn (RB, RE) between Eichstätt train station and all the major milestones along the Danube river, such as Nuremberg or Regensburg.

      DB BAHN

      The A9 connects Eichstätt with Nuremberg and Munich, if coming from Regensburg take the A93 and turn on to the A9. Please take the exit 60-Lentingen and follow the signage to Eichstätt.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 48.891441
      LONGTITUDE: 11.187836



      Buses from FreizeitBus Altmühltal-Donautal are running on a regular basis from mid April to October and take passengers with their bikes around the park to all the major sights along the Danube river.

      Nearest station

      Naturpark Altmühltal

    Why Go There?

    The Altmühltal Nature Park in Bavaria offers everything nature lovers could ask for - breathtaking terrain, certified hiking trails as well as simply beautiful valleys and the river is also ideal for canoeing.

    One of Germany´s largest nature parks is the Altmühltal Nature Park. The park covers one of Bavaria´s most eye-pleasing terrain and takes in 2900sq km of land south of Nuremberg, south west of Regensburg and north of Eichstätt. The river Altmühl gently meanders its way through a region of beautiful valleys and enchanting hills before joining the Rhine-Main Canal and eventually emptying into the Danube. Along the river are basic camping areas but also plenty of wonderful accommondation in the local area.

    Outdoorfun on well marked hiking trails is guaranteed the Altmühltal-Panoramaweg (panoramic hiking trail) leads on 200 kilometres along the Altmühl river - from Gunzenhausen to Kelheim.

    The picturesque trail is as "Quality way walkable Germany" certified and the Altmühltal-Panoramaweg is known as one of the "top trails of Germany". The hiking route crosses the entire park and offers everything Hikers love: a varied landscape and cultural experiences at the natural walking track, which further boasts excellent signs and good transport links. Visitors can even go part way with the ship - besides that if needed take buses tired hikes home from many places in the lower Altmühltal.

    The Altmühltal-Panoramaweg offers outdoorfun on a well marked trail and even besides the quality trail, the region has a lot to offer. Before heading out, seek for local advice - Informationszentrum Naturpark Altmühltal, Notre Dame 1, 85072 Eichstätt or www.naturpark-altmuehltal.de - the office will help to find the perfect route to match your fitness and time frame and can supply you with maps and further instructions.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Notre Dame 1, 85072, Eichstätt, Bavaria, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    The worn cliffs along the river Altmühl offer some appealing terrain for climbers of all skill levels. Stunning views of the valley are awaiting you. The Informationzentrum Altmühltal provides more details on the regions climbing options.

    Sailing & Canoeing

    From Teuchlingen to Eichstätt is probably the most beautiful section of the river. Enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the river Altmühl on about 60km in a canoe or kayak. You can hire boats, canoes and kayaks in almost every town along the river. Get a full list of boat hire outlets from Informationzentrum Altmühltal.


    With around 3000km of hiking trails and 800km of cycle trails criss-crossing the landscape, foot and pedal are the best way to explore the park. All trails are clearly labeled. The most popular route the "Altmühltal Radweg" runs along the river for 166km.


    The beautiful town Eichstätt radiates a tranquil Mediterranean style flair. Elegant Italianate buildings and cobbled streets invite to have a stroll. The sleepy town is a perfect destination to stop for a day while hiking or cycling along the river Altmühl.

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