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  • The Wartburg in Eisenach – a piece of German history

    Auf der Wartburg 1, 99817 Eisenach

    How to Get There?


      With the Deutsche Bahn you can approach the main train station Eisenach. From there you can take the Bus 10 to Wartburg Eisenach and then have a 6 minute walk to the castle.

      DB BAHN

      You can approach the Wartburg castle through the B19 Wartburgallee. There is a parking opportunity under the castle, from there you have to walk approximately 500 meters to the castle. For the elderly and handicapped visitors, there is a shuttle bus from the parking lot to the castle.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 50.966652
      LONGTITUDE: 10.306390



    Why Go There?

    Guides: Apr-Oct 8:30am-5pm Nov-Mar 9am-3:30pm

    The Wartburg castle and its museum remember today their former, famous residents. Martin Luther translated the New Testament in the Wartburg castle. Since 1999 it's on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

    The Landgrave's headquarters was once regarded as the center of high medievel poetry and minnesong. Over time it became the residence of  St. Elizabeth, offered the persecuted by the Pope and the Emperor, such as the reformer Martin Luther exile. With a great collection of Reformation pamphlets, one of Luthers handwritten annotated Bible, various items from his posseson and unique Cranach portraits are available for visitors to see at the Wartburg castle and its museum. 



    Location Details

    Escape Address: Auf der Wartburg 1, 99817 Eisenach , Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany

    Things to do close by!

    Christmas Market

    The Historical Christmas market at the Wartbug castle, enables its visitors the world of historical trading and honored almost forgotten crafts. There is a romantic atmosphere right before and during the Christmas time.

    Nature exploring

    Approximately 20 minutes away from Wartburg you can find the national park Hainich where you can explore the most valuable ancient relics of natural beech forests in Germany. This park is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2007


    There is a speciality in Wartburg. Canoeing on the River Werra. Water walking is fun for young and old. You can rent a boat and upon request you will be brought back to the starting point or paddling down the river and cycle back on the Werra Cycle route.

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