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  • Nuremberg - a city rich of history

    Tourist-Information, Königstr. 93, 90443

    How to Get There?


      From Nuremberg mainstations the distance to the centre of the city is only about 7 minutes. Trains from the Deutsche Bahn run daily regulary to Nuremberg mainstation.

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      Take the highway A3 towards Würzburg/Nürnberg-Nord and use the exit 85 to Nürnberg-Nord. From there thread in the B2 towards Nuremberg airport. Afterwards simply follow the instructions to the city hall/centre of Nuremberg.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 49.447964
      LONGTITUDE: 11.081638



      Nuremberg Airport is the nearest airport to the centre of the city. The distance from the airport is only about 17 minutes by car. Flights reach Nuremberg Airport on a regular basis.

      Nearest airport

      Nuremberg Airport

    Why Go There?

    Wonderful city in Bavaria, which is the second-largest in Bavaria and secretly the inofficial capital of Franconia. This city has a lot to offer and draws visitors all year round!

    The wonderful city offers many attractions no wonder that for many years the city of Nuremberg was the undeclared capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Even German Kings loved the area and kept their crown jewels there. Nuremberg is rich on architectural wonders such as beautiful historical buildings from different centuries. Unfortunately almost 90 percent got destroyed during World War II. Luckily today most important buildings of the city, including the castle and churches in the Altstadt (old inner city) have been restored and returned the city to it´s former glory. After the Second World War Nuremberg was chosen as the site of the Nuremberg Trials - the war crimes tribunal in 1945.

    As the second largest city Nuremberg has a rich museum landscape, from the house of the world famous Nuremberg Albrecht Dürer genius (who was actually born here) to modern art in new museum. Visitors will find everything here that gladdens the heart of art and culture enthusiasts. In addition Nuremberg offers a variety of attractions like the opera and theatre or many options for indoor and outdoor sport activities. Major sights of the city are within the Altstadt and reachable by foot.

    Tip Visit the most famous christmas market of Germany, the Nuremberger Christmas market 'Christkindlesmarkt'. The Christmas market is wonderfull with wooden stalls with christmas gifts and souvenirs to buy, christmas music, local specialities like Nuremberger sausages and offers a wonderful christmas atmosphere in the centre of the city. Very recommended and an unforgettable experience for everyone.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Tourist-Information, Königstr. 93, 90443 , Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

    Things to do close by!

    Christmas Market

    The city Nuremberg presents one of the biggest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany,called 'Christkindlesmarkt Nürnberg'. The market takes place in the Old town of Nuremberg and offers many wooden stalls with local specialities,christmas gifts and souvenirs.Wonderful atmosphere guaranteed.

    Local speciality

    In the entire city Nuremberg visitors have the opportunity to try local specialities, such as Nuremberg sausages, called 'Nürnberger Würstchen'. Very delicious sausages and typical for the city in Bavaria, very delectable with bread and dressing. Special attraction in the area and definitely worth trying.

    Nature exploring

    Through the city the river 'Pegnitz' is crossed, which is surrounded by parks and nature. Around the river visitors have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the view and to explore nature. Very relaxing and recovering times are guaranteed in the fresh air for adults and children. Fascinating views from everywhere over the city.

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