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  • Freudenstadt – heart of the Black Forest

    Tourist-Information, Marktplatz 64, 72250 Freudenstadt

    How to Get There?


      Get to Freudenstadt via Stuttgart which is connected well to the German ICE network. In Stuttgart take a regional train to Horb and then take the bus no. 41, heading to "Freudenstadt" and exit at "Marktplatz Stadthaus, Freudenstadt". From here just walk 3 minutes to the Tourist Information.

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      Use the highway A81 (Stuttgart-Singen) and take the exit no. 30 "Horb a.N.". From here follow the signposts to Freudenstadt. Alternatively use the highway A5 (Karlsruhe-Basel) and take the exit no. 49 "Rastatt-Nord". From here follow the signposts to Freudenstadt. Parking opportunities are available

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 48.463726
      LONGTITUDE: 8.411774



      At the Horb railway station take the bus no. 41, heading to "Freudenstadt" and exit at "Marktplatz Stadthaus, Freudenstadt". From here just walk 3 minutes to the Tourist Information.

      Nearest station

      Marktplatz Stadthaus, Freudenstadt

      The nearest airport is Stuttgart. Take an urban railway to the main station and here take a regional train to Horb. In Horb take the bus no. 41 to Freudenstadt and exit at "Marktplatz Stadthaus, Freudenstadt". From here walk just 3 minutes.

      Nearest airport

      Stuttgart (STR)

    Why Go There?

    Freudenstadt, located in the center of the northern Black Forest in the southwestern corner of Germany, is one of the sunniest cities in Germany. It shows the largest market square all over Germany.

    This market square is 4.5 hectare large. Originally this compound was planned for the construction of a castle – but this was never built. With 216 by 219 meters it's got nearly a quadratic shape. The borders of the square are designed as arcaded sidewalks that is characteristical for this place. It can be considered as the landmark of the city of Freudenstadt.

    The city of Freudenstadt was established in 1599 by the order of duke Frederik I. of Wuerttemberg. During its history there were a couple of dramatic incidents that affected the development of the city enormously: the plaque epidemic from 1610/11, the large fire from 1632, the huge loss of population during the Thirty Years' War (1618 – 1648) as well as the almost complete destruction of the entire city center during the 2nd world war. During the mid ages the entire area was affected by mining, first copper and silver, later copper and iron. Today Freudenstadt is a spa (because of its climate which is beneficial to health) and especially a place for hydrotherapies (Kneipp).

    Apart from the market square (see above) many other objects of interest can be found in Freudenstadt: The Gothic/Renaissance Evangelical Lutheran Church that is located at the southern corner of the market square and which shows green tower roofs. This church is one out of two all over Germany which is built in a very special way: it has two naves that are built in a right angle. Only the pastor can see both naves from his pulpit. Traditionally one of the naves was for men and the other for women, and they couldn't see each other during the divine service. It is considered Freudenstadt's most significant building.

    The town hall of Freudenstadt is located at the market square as well – directly opposite of the city church. It shows a characteristical bell tower.

    Another landmark of the city is the "Friedrichsturm" (Frederik's tower) which was built in 1899 and which provides the visitor with an astonishing view over the entire city as well as the neighborhood. It's worth a visit for sure.

    Freudenstadt can be considered a "wellness city". There are many hotels offering special services such as spa, massage, fitness, beauty etc. So treading water is very common anyway.

    The city of Freudenstadt is worth a visit for sure!

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Tourist-Information, Marktplatz 64, 72250 Freudenstadt , Freudenstadt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

    Things to do close by!

    Nature exploring

    Germany's highest waterfalls are found in Triberg, in the center of the Black Forest and just 60 km away from Freudenstadt. The water plunges 163 meters in seven steps down the river called “Gutach”. Especially during the spring – when the snow and ice are melting – and after strong rains the water is rising dramatically. An unforgettable natural spectacle for everyone.

    Local speciality

    Black Forest cake is a typical cake from Black Forest. It consists of 2 or more layers of chocolate sponge with whipped cream and cherries inbetween. Usually the cream and/or the cherries are "treated" with "Kirschwasser" (a liquor made of cherries). The top is decorated with whipped cream, cherries and chocolate. Black Forest Ham is a dry-cured and smoked ham which MUST be produced in the Black Forest area. It's a high quality product and is the best-selling smoked ham all over Europe.


    Freudenstadt and the entire Black Forest are an "Eldorado" for hikers. There are hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails for beginners, advanced and experts. A distinctive feature is that the labeling of the trails is created consistently, so it doesn't matter where one is hiking - the labels are always the same and can be recognized easily. During the season wood strawberries and huckleberries can be found easily.

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