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  • Drachenburg castle - Bonn

    Drachenfelsstraße 118, 53639 Königswinter

    How to Get There?


      You can take the Deutsche Bahn to Königswinter. Then take the city train Line 66 (Siegburg-Bonn-Bad Honnef) to Königswinter/Clemens-August-Straße or Königswinter/ferry.

      DB BAHN

      A 3 exit Siebengebirge to Königswinter or A 59 / B 42 exit Königswinter. At the parking lot of the Lemmerzbades (upper Weingartenweg) you can leave your car. From there you need to walk 10 minutes.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 50.673744
      LONGTITUDE: 7.193060



      The closest airport is Köln Bonn which is 34,8 km away from Königswinter.

      Nearest airport

      Köln/Bonn (CGN)

    Why Go There?

    Summer April - Nov 12 - 18h, winter Nov - Mar 12-17h

    Drachenburg Castle is a castle-like estate on the Drachenfels in Königswinter, whose foundation stone was laid in 1882. In 1986 Drachenburg Castle was declared cultural heritage

    The hills of the “Siebengebirge” (seven mountains) rise above the right bank of the River Rhine, just a few kilometres out of Bonn. Even though the “Drachenfels” with its 321m is not the highest, it is definitely a visitor magnet. Since 1883 some 32million hikers have explored the top of the mountain. A beautiful walking track leads past various attractions and beautiful restaurants. A little further up hill loom the fairy-tale turrets of the neo-Gothic Drachenburg Castle. Which looks a lot like a medieval castle but was actually built in the 1880´s. Despite it´s rather short history the grounds are arranged very lovely with terraces, fountains and fairy-tale towers that can even be climbed for breathtaking views.

    In a record time of just two years, Drachenburg Castle was built as representative residence in Königswinter in the years from 1882 to 1884 for the banker and later Baron Stephan von Sarter (1833–1902). Drachenburg Castle is kept in the style of historicism and appears as a combination of castle, manor and villa. Predominantly elements of medieval architecture, such as bays, battlements and turrets were taken on. Mr Sarter, however, was unfortunately never able to actually live in the castle prior to his death in 1902.

    After various uses and heavy damage from artillery fire in the Second World War, the privateer Paul Spinat saved the Drachenburg Castle from complete dilapidation in 1971. After larger investments, he made the castle accessible for the public in 1973. In 1986 Drachenburg Castle was declared cultural heritage and came under the control of NRW-Stiftung (Foundation of North-Rhine Westphalia). In 1995 large-scale restoration works began which were completed to the most part in July 2010.

    Tipp: For a very atmospheric approach oft he castle, take a ride with the „Bimmelbahn“ (small narrow-gauge train). The train takes visitors up the hill starting from the different ship docks in Königswinter or the valley station of the Drachenfels railway – it is a very entertaining and quite funny experience!


    Location Details

    Escape Address: Drachenfelsstraße 118, 53639 Königswinter, Königswinter, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    Geocaching (1,5 hours tour) via GPS is a kind of modern treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. A special, additional stimulus caused by the playful use of a mobile phone-sized GPS device can be tracked with the specific points on the castle grounds and the castle.


    You can rent Picnic baskets in the castle and sit even during the wintertime outside in the garden and enjoy the fantastic view. In the online store you can choose your desired basket or you can bring your own. Here is the link for:

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