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  • Bentheim castle

    Schloßstraße, 48455

    How to Get There?


      The Deutsche Bahn trains like IC reach the main train station Bad Bentheim on a regular basis. The castle is in walking distance from the station, from here it´s only 16min by foot. Simply follow the Bahnhofstraße into the direction of the gardens of the castle, then turn right into Schlossstraße.

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      The E30 from Hannover or the A31 from Duisburg are leading to the city. Take the departure 29 to Bad Bentheim. From here follow the signage into the city center (403). Free parking for the castle is available at Funkenstiege.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 52.301971
      LONGTITUDE: 7.156727



      The castle is in walking distance from the main train station, from here it´s only 16min by foot. Simply follow the Bahnhofstraße into the direction of the gardens of the castle. Then turn right into Schlossstraße which will lead you straight to the entrance of Bad Bentheim.

    Why Go There?

    all year, open from 10am till 6pm (last admission 5pm)

    Germany is a mecca for historic castles and fortresses and Bentheim castle is the perfect place for those who love varied long history mixed with legends and fairy-tales.

    Every fortress or castle has a story of it´s very own but Bentheim castle which is until today the image of the city Bentheim and it´s surroundings has a very special one. The legend says that the devil himself built the castle:

    Once upon a time the Knight Bento asked the prince of the underworld to built him a castle and promised in exchange the first soul that would meet the devil after completion of the building. The devil was hoping for a chance to take Bento. Therefore, Lucifer built through the whole night with his helpers on the Bentheim mountain.

    Exhausted by his work the devil fell asleep on a sandstone rock; While one of his ears sticks firmly on the rock. In the morning, the Knight Bento let his Raven fly from whose croak the devil awakened. Full of anger, the Prince of the underworld, jumped up and where his ear stick to the rock it tore off and left an imprint. The devil then disappeared and Bento had his castle. The rock was henceforth called Devil ear cushions. This imprint can be seen even today with a little imagination in the sandstone, look out of the window of the Knights Hall North to the top of the small massif.

    In the year of 1050, the castle was mentioned for the first time and only 66 years later it got destroyed completely by the Holy Roman Emperor. The reconstruction took many years. 

    Nowadays the castle is a Museum and open to the public (founded by Oskar Prinz of Bentheim and Steinfurt) but a small part remains private - for the living members of the Counts of Bentheim and Steinfurt - almost all other sections of the Castle can be explored by visitors.

    In addition to the extensive castle grounds with the mighty `Pulverturm`(powder centre) or the St. Catherine's Church, the museum of the `Kronenburg`(Crown Castle) displays various exhibitions. The displayed medieval artifacts are relating to the vivid history of the Castle and the Royal family. The entire plant is abundant, with information and signage in German and Dutch, and invites visitors to explore the castle independently.

    To learn more about the Castle and its interesting history Visitors can book guided tours with experienced guides (tours are multilingual). In a highly entertaining way, they tell stories about the previous life of the inhabitants of the Castle and features of the mighty sandstone structure of the mountain. The castle is very kids friendly and offers special tours for all age groups. 

    Tipp for lovers: If you are looking for an extraordinare location for your marriage?! You can getting married from May to September in this very enchanting castle. Ceremonies are hold in the so-called Ernst-August-Salon within the walls of the castle.

    Good News - Dogs are allowed!
    Guests can take their dogs on a short leash. Unfortunately he may however not be able to with the get into the Castle itself. 

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Schloßstraße, 48455 , Bad Bentheim, Lower Saxony, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    In the summer, a visit to the open-air theatre Bad Bentheim is an absolute must. It is a real pleasure to experience the dedicated amateur players and players on the stage with their incomparable atmosphere in a former sandstone quarry. An der Freilichtbühne, 48455 Bad Bentheim, Tel.: 05922-994656

    Spa & Wellness

    The Bentheim mineral Spa is an ideal place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of a working week. Over 3,000 square meters comfort and swimming pleasure: with three bathrooms, a large sauna, tanning beds and a cozy Bistro the mineral spa offers an optimal relaxation for guests. Bentheimer Mineral Therme, Am Bade 1, 48455 Bad Bentheim

    Nature exploring

    The Burg Bentheim tells you from afar where to go. Bad Bentheim is directly on the Dutch border between Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia and offers beautiful nature for hiking and cycling as a modern resort. Absolutely worth a visit for everyone who likes to enjoy nature at its finest.

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