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  • Müggelsee Berlin

    Neuhelgoländer Weg, 12559 Berlin

    How to Get There?


      Berlin is reachable from all directions with Deutsche Bahn trains. From the main train station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof) take the S Bahn to S Köpenick and then you continue with the Bus X69 till the last station called: Odernheimer Straße.

      DB BAHN

      By Car the address to reach the Müggelsee is: Neuhelgoländer Weg. There are parking opportunities available right in front of the beach. If they are completely occupied, don't leave your car just anywhere, drive a little bit further to a parking 300 meters away.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 52.428650
      LONGTITUDE: 13.683156



      The closest Airport to reach the Müggelsee is the international airport Berlin-Schönefeld (SXF), which is a 20 minute car ride away. The pubic transportation are also approaching the Müggelsee in only 1 hour.

      Nearest airport

      Berlin Tegel (TXL)

    Why Go There?

    Der Große Müggelsee, is a great lake in Berlin, which is located in the South-East in a neighborhood called- Köpenick. It’s not only a very famous lake in Berlin; it is also the biggest one.

    The Müggelsee, with a water area of 7.3 km ² is the Müggelsee the largest lake in Berlin, which is located in the middle of a little forest and it has a spacious area for lying down. Because of its size it is the perfect place for friends, couples, or families. For those who likes to enjoy the sun there is a beautiful beach to lay down, and for those that prefer the shade there are numerous places to sit in the shade of the trees.

    The entertainment program at the Müggelsee is absolutely fantastic, also for fans of water sports. Sailing, Surfing, Motor Sport Boats. Everyone will find something around the Müggelsee, what will make him happy. Since 2006 there is no management company, which means that there is no entrance fee due.

    The Spree River flows into the Müggelsee, the waterworks in the northern bank of the Müggelsee manages to get most of its water from the lake. The water at Müggelsee is known for its superb quality and it clear, green shiny appearance.

    Tip The Boat trip around the Müggelsee on a boat built in 1905. You can find more information:

    The Müggelsee offers two restaurants on site, and a few Imbiss to get little snacks and drinks. The restaurants are also a wonderful idea for a romantic dinner at night time. One restaurant is called ‘Hotel Restaurant Neu-Helgoland’ the other ‘Café L&B’.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Neuhelgoländer Weg, 12559 Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    Motor Sport Boats are available at the Müggelsee in a wide range and are great fun and Entertainment for families, friends, and couples. There are different variation of how to explore this beautiful nature on a boat, wether a Motor boats or pontoon boats.

    Local speciality

    In the middle of Köpenick only 13 minutes away with the car from the "Müggelsee" is Germany's smallest brewery. Only here is served the "Babylonian beer," which is brewed in the Palace Square Brewery according to the commandments of the Babylonian king "Hammurabi." In addition, you can enjoy typical Berlin food here. This can be especially good in the summer months at the brewery terrace directly on the Palace Square in the old town of Köpenick.


    Köpenick was first mentioned in 1209. Köpenick is older than Berlin and includes some up to 200 years old houses. Most of them are located in the so-called Fischerkietz, which was first mentioned in 1355. The Old town itself is very fascinating according to smaller authentic shops or typical german restaurants. It is also a very famous location for weddings because of its beauty.

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