Lakes, Rivers and Coastlines in Germany
  • Lake Starnberg - on of the most watery lake in Germany

    Wittelsbacherstr. 2c, 82319 Starnberg

    How to Get There?


      From the station Starnberg it is just few minutes to the infornation center and the Lake Starnberg. A good starting point is from Munich, because it's very close to the city.

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      When you start in Munich you have to take the A95 and drive in direction to Starnberg. The extension is the A952 and further the national highway B2. Just follow the signs to Starnberg.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 47.997581
      LONGTITUDE: 11.342372



    Why Go There?

    Visit the fifth largest lake in Germany- the Lake Starnberg. You will find the pure idyll. Enjoy your free time and recreation far away from the mainstream.

    The Lake Starnberg is the second largest lake in Bavaria. From the lake you have an amazing view of the mountains and you can see the Zugspitze.

    They beautiful place offers many activities. There is a path around the lake, which is 46,2km long. With the different walking tours you can discover the landscape and nature. It's also possible to use the bycicle for exploring the area.

    The lake is perfectly for water sports, like sailing, angling, sailboarding and to take the rowing boat.

    On the shore you will find many golf courses, as well as some swimming platforms and beaches, which invite you to relax. 

    Also in winter it's worth visting the lake. Nearby are many skiing regions.






    Location Details

    Escape Address: Wittelsbacherstr. 2c, 82319 Starnberg, Starnberg, Bavaria, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    The ballon flights are very recommendable. You float over the mountains and lakes in front of the unique scenery of the Alps.It's a breathtaking view. The flight takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.


    You definitely have to visit the castle Sisi in Possenhofen, which was inhabited by the empress Elisabeth. You can going for a walk through the palace garden and might discover the old park walls.

    Local speciality

    Very interesting to visit is the only island in this area- the Roseninsel (rose island). The empress Elisabeth of Austia and Ludwig II. were frequently visitors. It has many gardens and park and a main attraction is the so called "Casino", a little castle.

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