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  • Kühlungsborn - biggest Baltic Sea resort

    Touristik-Service-Kühlungsborn GmbH, Ostseeallee 19, 18225

    How to Get There?


      The Deutsche Bahn connects Bad Doberan with the main train station in Rostock, simply take the RE 13114. From Bad Doberan the nostalgic steam train Molli runs several times a day and links the Baltic Sea resorts Bad Doberan and Kühlungsborn.

      DB BAHN

      The B105 connects Wismar with Rostock, simply turn in Bad Doberan on to the L12 and follow the signage to Kühlungsborn center.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 54.152756
      LONGTITUDE: 11.749125



      From Bad Doberan ZOB take the bus line 121 to Rerik and hop off in "Kühlungsborn Mitte".

      Nearest station

      Kühlungsborn Mitte, Kühlungsborn

    Why Go There?

    Kühlungsborn is everything you are looking for in holidays - calm and wide, life and lifestyle, passion and tradition - anyone here stranded experienced a place of full of contrasts.

    Kühlungsborn is a place, where from a smile is a laugh, dreamers of the day are night owls, facades tell stories, sense and sensibility have signed a Covenant for life and strangers are friends. A variety that feels so good, that you no longer can elude you.

    Every visitor who comes for the first time in Kühlungsborn, is amazed at the special atmosphere and the welcoming image of the place. Kühlungsborn has not only 7500 inhabitants, it is also home to some lovely art deco buildings. On the facades, ornamental elements vying for the favor of their viewers and the 6 km-long sandy beach is like one giant leisure arena. Here, children may be children again and even again parents find their inner child.

    Oxygen rich air, pure water, always dust and allergen-free: the Kühlungsborner climate keeps healthy and clear his head for new ideas. While in an intact nature, cycling, hiking, golfing, sailing or surfing to builden your body, noticeably clean air strengthens your immune system. Kühlungsborn really has has everything, besides wonderful long beaches a dense 130-hectare forest adjoins the city. 

    Sea air makes you hungry as you know. More than 100 gastronomic addresses full diversity and Kühlungsborner hospitality invite you to feast and enjoy. The city is linked on the east as well as the west side by the Ostseeallee promenade, lined with numerous wonderful Restaurants and Hotels.

    And after that? Celebrate events according to your taste. Dancing on the beach, or for two under the stars of the classical music concert to the wild party night: Kühlungsborner entertainment is all year round filled with TOP events, cultural highlights, traditions and lifestyle.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Touristik-Service-Kühlungsborn GmbH, Ostseeallee 19, 18225 , Kühlungsborn, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    Walk in the paths of the past and the stalky coast of the Baltic Sea with the "Molli Schmalspurbahn" a historic narrow gauge steam train (Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn). This beautiful steam train travels along all coastal resorts. Catch the train and walk along the coast between stops makes for an atmospheric day out. Starting point is Fritz-Reuter-Straße 1, 18225 Kühlungsborn


    Heiligendamm is Germany´s oldest seaside resort and only 15min away, simply take the "Molli Schmalspurbahn" or the car. The white town on the sea was founded in 1793 by Mecklenburg duke Friedrich Franz I. This beautiful town used to be a playground of the nobility throughout the 19th century. And even today you can get a glimpse of the golden times. The grand tradition continues at the exclusive Grand Hotel Heiligendamm. The hotel has seven restaurants and bars, even it´s own pier.

    Nature exploring

    The coast around Kühlungsborn is just breathtaking, take an easy and wonderful walk along the beach and enjoy the rich sea air and pure water - the resort on the Baltic sea is the perfect place to leave stressful city life behind and simply relax.

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