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  • Universum Bremen - science as adventure

    Wiener Str. 1a, 28359 Bremen

    How to Get There?


      Bremen Hauptbahnhof is connected to the IC/ICE network, and thus, reachable easily from all over Germany. From here take the bus.

      DB BAHN

      Use the Highway A27 and use the exit "Universität". Head right at the second possibility ("Universitätsallee"). After 500 m you'll see the "Universum" on the right side.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 53.106586
      LONGTITUDE: 8.845520



      At Bremen Hauptbahnhof take the bus no. 630, heading to "Zeven Bf Sued" and change cars at "Universität/NW1". Take the bus no. 28 here, heading to "Walle" and exit at "Wiener Straße". From here, walk 2 minutes.

      Nearest station

      Wiener Straße, Bremen

      The Bremen Airport is a rather small airport, accessible from other German or European airports. The denomination "City Airport" hits the mark - after 15 minutes you will be in the City Center. Take the Tram No. 6, heading to "Universität" and leave it at "Universität/NW1". From here walk 5 minutes.

      Nearest airport

      Bremen (BRE)

    Why Go There?

    Mo - Fr 9 am - 6 pm; Sa/Su 10 am - 6 pm

    The Universum Science Center is an interactive science exhibition. Visitors are encouraged to try out most of the approximately 250 samples themselves. A visit is a great experience for the whole family.

    Want to know how a tornado arises? Do you want to jump over your own shadow? Do you want to know how the mankind developed itself? Do you want to know how the universe came into existence?

    Get the answers to these and hundreds of other questions in the Universum Bremen.

    Most of the samples or experiments can be "joined in" - and the visitors are encouraged to do so. The entire exhibition is divided into the following sections:

    • Expedition Mankind: learn about how a human arises during pregnancy. Why is an individual man so unique? What are genes and how do they work? This and way more questions are replied here.

    • Expedition Earth: learn all about volcanoes, earthquakes, magnetism and much more.

    • Expedition Cosmos: did the "Big Bang" really happen? How did the earth arise? Why are the stars blazing? Find the answers here.

    • Milky Way: this area is especially for kids between 3 and 8. In a playful way they learn how to build bridges, towers, buildings etc.

    • Research Atelier: this area is for both kids and adults. Example: learn how a volcano works - these and 99 other amazing experiments are waiting for young and old people to experience.

    • ThinkArena: See science shows with spectacular experiments, workshops and lectures.

    • Tower of the Winds: this is the landmark of the "discovery park". Try to walk over the ground made of glass (in dizzy heights) and learn how strong wind can be.

    • Stone Hill: discover different kinds of stones, stream courses or try to conquer the climbing wall.

    • Water World: discover the power of water, experience the Archimedean screw or learn how to transport water from below to above using a bailer.

    The Universum Bremen is an amazing world for young an old. Enjoy the visit!

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Wiener Str. 1a, 28359 Bremen, Bremen, Land Bremen, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    The "Town musicians of Bremen" are one of the main attractions of Bremen. The statue in front of the town-hall shows the donkey, the dog, the cat and the cock, based on a fairytale of Brothers Grimm. It's said that touching the front hooves of the donkey will make wishes come true - this is the reason why the hooves are shining. Try your luck!


    The "Bremen Freimarkt" in October is one of the oldest funfair in Germany. The Bremer also calls it "The fifth season". No other Festival offers its visitors so many and new carousel attractions such as the "Bremen Freimarkt". However there are thrilling rollercoasters as well, and a giant wheel. The latter is perfect for an astonishing view over the entire city, especially by night!


    Visit the Bremen "Schnoorviertel": narrow streets, charming small half-timbered houses, craftsmen and goldsmiths, little museums, cafés and restaurants. The oldest house is from 1401. This means that the "Schnoorviertel" is the oldest quarter in Bremen. Walking through the alleyways is like being a part of a fairytale. Many buildings here are under preservation order.

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