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  • Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum – Chocolate Museum

    Am Schokoladenmuseum 1A, 60578 Köln

    How to Get There?


      The Cologne main train station (Köln Hauptbahnhof) is reachable from all directions with Deutsche Bahn trains. From there the Chocolate Museum is accessible with the bus line 133 to Schokoladenmuseum.

      DB BAHN

      The Chocolate Museum Cologne is easy to find and conveniently located on the banks of the Rhine Cologne's Old Town or next to the Rhine. Some navigation systems don't know the direct address, the recommendation is to enter either "Holzmarkt" or "Rheinauhafen". Use the car park "Rheinauhafen".

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 50.932667
      LONGTITUDE: 6.964323



      The "Chocolate Express" (Bimmelbahn: Schokoexpress) runs daily every 30 minutes from Cologne Cathedral through the old town to the chocolate museum. You can interrupt your ride and visit the Chocolate Museum. After your museum visit, you can drive back to the Cathedral.

      Nearest station

      Kölner Dom-Burgmauer

      The international airport in Cologne (Flughafen Köln/Bonn) is very close to the inner city in and the Chocolate Museum. It is only a 15 minute ride with the car or taxi away. There are also connection from the airport to the museum with public transportations in 30 minutes.

      Nearest airport

      Köln/Bonn (CGN)

    Why Go There?

    Tue-Fr 10am-6pm, Sa-Su & holidays 11am-7pm, closed on Mon.

    The Chocolate Museum in the West of Germany is a must for every sweets lover. Learning while tasting is the slogan of the exhibitions. If you ever wanted to know the story behind chocolate, that's the place!

    As a small boy, he was tempted by the scent of chocolate. Hans Imhoff spent almost his entire life for Chocolate. 1993 he fulfilled a dream and built "his" Chocolate Museum in Cologne Rheinaufhafen for 53 billion German Mark. They collected and still collect pieces, dealing with the cultural and industrial history of chocolate.

    The Chocolate Museum in Cologne is the first museum which presents the chain of making chocolate from the cocoa bean to the consumer. In the exhibition, the entire history of chocolate, from their beginning in the Olmec, Maya and Aztecs to today's chocolate-containing products. On the extensive 4000sqm of exhibition space, a miniature production plant is installed, which demonstrates the visitor the operation of industrial chocolate making.

    At the museum there is a wide range of guided tours, which are cut to very different groups and visitors. During this tours, children have the opportunity to learn in a special way about the history, with even among other things, to touch or try the cacao fruit and cocoa beans. Even for adults the tours are made interesting, with the topic "Tour and tasting". Before joining this exhibitions, there is an application needed.

    Tip 1: Throughout the year, there are tastings with the topic "Chocolate & Wine". Let yourself be seduced into the wonderful world of exclusive chocolates and fine wines.

    Tip 2: Chocolate course for adults. Learn how to make your own handmade chocolates according to your taste and your creativity. 250 grammes of the self-made chocolate can be taken home.




    Location Details

    Escape Address: Am Schokoladenmuseum 1A, 60578 Köln, Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    An 8 minute walk away is the Old Town in Cologne. Not only interesting in a historical way, but its wide range of offers. A lot of museums, shopping opportunities or restaurants and bars. It is divided into South and North. The proximity of the Rhine gives the whole thing a relaxing holiday flair.

    Nature exploring

    Living, working, leisure recreation - in a public park, in the middle of Cologne. In the Mediapark, only a 10 minute ride from the Chocolate Museum, more than 250 media companies with more than 5,000 employees have their headquarters there. It's just amazing to see such a new & modern part of the city.


    Once a year between February and March there is the most famous event in Cologne. The Carnival is the time before the Eastern Lent. The people are dressing up; events in different locations are taking place, and a lot of tourists from all over the world are coming to see a city full of fun-having people. Just amazing!


    The Belgian quarter is in great demand at the scene of Cologne and the entire environment. Many clubs and bars have settled in the streets of this quarter. Every bar or restaurant around this neighborhood has something special or at least one thing there are famous for. For example, the Barracuda Bar near the city park is known for its mojitos.

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