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  • Gondwana – see how the dinosaurs lived

    Bildstockstraße 3, 66578 Schiffweiler

    How to Get There?


      The railway station Landsweiler-Reden is accessible by regional trains from Saarbrücken Main Station (which is well connected to the German ICE network). From the railway station it's just a 15 minutes walk.

      DB BAHN

      Highway A8, take the exit no 21 "Elversberg" and go ahead in "St. Ingbert/Friedrichsthal/Bildstock" direction. Follow the signposts. Parking grounds are available nearby.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 49.347561
      LONGTITUDE: 7.114457



      Saarbrücken airport is just 30 minutes away by car. Alternatively take the bus R10 to Saarbrücken Main station and change to a regional train to Landsweiler-Reden there. From the final station it's just a 15 minutes walk.

      Nearest airport

      Saarbrücken (SCN)

    Why Go There?

    Opening hours vary - see website for details

    Do you like dinosaurs? Did you always want to know how a Mammouth lived during ice age or the old Egyptians? Then the "Gondwana - das Praehistorium" is the right place for you.

    "Gondwana" is located in Schiffweiler, not far away from Saarbrücken and near the borderlines to France and Luxembourg in the southwestern area of Germany.

    The location leads its visitors through the history of the universe – from the big bang up to the era of space flights. There are different theme areas, and all of them are worth seeing.

    The "Z.E.R.A" (Zeit Express Reise Agentur - translated: "time express travel agency") is a time machine that starts in the present and brings the visitor's back to the dinosaurs – through all eras between now and then. Step by step the evolution is shown and explained.

    Seven different prehistoric ecological systems were reproduced in Gondwana. Amongst others there is a copy of the entire skeleton of an Argentinosaurus which was one of the largest dinosaurs ever, and which was found in Patagonia/South America. Giant scorpions, huge dragonflies, mammoths and dinosaurs are – amongst others - the life forms which come "alive" in the park.

    Meet "Megalodon" – the largest and heaviest shark which ever lived on earth (5 million years ago): 18 meters long with a weight of 100,000 kg! Its teeth were 18 cm long, and its biting force was 10 times higher than the biting force of the great white shark.

    There are more attractions, such as a 3D cinema, exhibitions about paleontology, prehistoric landscapes or an indoor playground for the kids.

    The Gondwana restaurant offers a wide choice of food and drinks, coffee and cake, and as soon as the weather is fine, there is a large terrace/patio.

    Every now and then there are special promotions, and for the kids it's always possible to celebrate their birthday here – an unforgettable experience for sure.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Bildstockstraße 3, 66578 Schiffweiler , Schiffweiler, Saarland, Germany

    Things to do close by!

    Nature exploring

    The Bostalsee is a lake just 30 minutes away by car, and it's the perfect recreation area for a "lazy day". There are two large beaches for swimming and sunbathing, but there are many sports opportunities as well, like sailing, windsurfing, diving, cycling or hiking. There are a couple of restaurants, kiosks or snack bars for having some food or drinks.


    The World Heritage Site “Völklinger Hütte“ is a gigantic ironworks from the iron industry’s heyday and definitely one of the most famous of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Four blast furnaces which were working until the 1980s are to be viewed . After the close-down in 1986 the compound was changed into a museum that can be viewed even nowadays.


    Saarbrücken is just 20 minutes away from Gondwana – and this is the center of a "shopping paradise". More than 200 shops are available in different quarters, such as "Bahnhofstraße", "St. Johanner Markt", "Kaiserviertel" or "Mainzer Straße" (and way more). Late night shopping and/or Sunday sales takes place regularly.

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