Beautiful Christmas markets in Germany
  • Christmas market Lübeck

    Rathausmarkt, 23560

    How to Get There?


      Trains from the Deutsche Bahn approaching Lübeck main train station frequently. The main station is only 6 minutes away from the Lübeck center where visitors find the Christmas markets.

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      Several national roads lead to Lübeck as well as the highways A1 and A20. Use the exit 22 - Lübeck-Zentrum towards Stockelsdorf. From there simply follow instructions to the Lübeck city hall, which is located directly next to the christmas markets.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 53.866455
      LONGTITUDE: 10.685196



      Lübeck Airport is the nearest airport to the Christmas markets, only 16 minutes away with a car or 30 minutes away with the RB train from the Deutsche Bahn. The international airport of Hamburg is also very close to Lübeck, both airports are approached by different airlines daily.

      Nearest airport

      Lübeck Airport (LBC)

    Why Go There?

    End of November till 30.12.

    The Christmas markets in Lübeck within the medieval quarter have all christmas specialities. This city, with its picturesque appearance is definately the place to be for christmas markets.

    As of the 25th of November to end of December Lübeck is a single Christmas Dream. The city Lübeck in Schleswig - Holstein offers several different Christmas markets in the city at the wonderful center and medieval quarter. One of the pre-Christmas highlights is the visit of the Lübeck Christmas Market, which was first mentioned already in 1648, that offers as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a uniquely beautiful setting for the atmospheric Christmas rush.

    Christmas City Guides in period costumes and a lot of food and drinks are supplied at the Lübeck Christmas markets. A lot of other specialities, such as sugared almonds, candied apples, tastily mulled wine and delicious gingerbread are offered at the Christmas markets. In small little shops, a variety of Christmas gifts and souvenirs can be bought while enjoying a wonderful Christmas and wintry atmosphere in the city.

    According to special attractions for children, the Christmas markets in Lübeck are very family friendly. While children have the opportunity to play and enjoy the funny time at the fairytale forest or the puppet theatre, parents can be a little bit more relaxed while drinking their mulled wine.  Every single one of the Christmas market in Lübeck is located at the wonderful medieval quarter of Lübeck and has its own red thread.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Rathausmarkt, 23560, Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

    Things to do close by!

    River cruise

    Lübeck is next to the beautiful baltic sea, that offers the wonderful opportunity for a river cruise combined with a sightseeing tour. The area is beautiful to discover and to explore and guarantees many fascinating views over the sea and different cities. Nature lovers can enjoy the fresh air and environment. The baltic sea offers because of its size diverse places to start the river cruise. For more information:


    Right in the center of the city Lübeck is located the unique and famous city gate, called 'Lübeck Holstentor'. The city gate limits the historic center and is connected with a history museum, called 'Museum Holstentor'. The city gate counts as a Lübeck's landmark because of its awareness level. The Holstentor is next to the Burgtor the only preserved gate in the city.

    Local speciality

    Originally, the marzipan was at the beginning of the 18th Century by pharmacists made ​​as a remedy. The Cafe Niederegger Lübeck, which is directly located next to the christmas markets offers on the second Floor every visitor to sent on a long and interesting journey, explaining the history of the almond specialty, from its oriental origins to the Hanseatic city on the River Trave. Address: Breite Str. 89, 23552 Lübeck

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