Beautiful Christmas markets in Germany
  • Christmas market Erfurt

    Domplatz, 99084

    How to Get There?


      Trains from the Deutsche Bahn run on a regular basis daily to Erfurt main station. The station is only 15 minutes away from the Christmas market (by foot).

      DB BAHN

      Take the highway A 71 towards Sömmerda / Erfurt-Bindersleben and use the exit 11-Erfurt / Bindersleben. From there take the highway A 7 towards Erfurt-Zentrum. Simply follow the instructions on the street to the city hall and you will see the Christmas market.

      GPS coordinates

      LATITUDE: 50.976177
      LONGTITUDE: 11.022818



      The airport Erfurt-Weimar is the nearest one to Erfurt center and only 10 minutes away with a car. From there visitors have the opportunity to take the tram 4 (direction Wiesenhügel, Erfurt) to the Christmas market.

      Nearest airport

      Erfurt-Weimar (ERF)

    Why Go There?

    End of November till 22.12.

    The Christmas market Erfurt is one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany. A 25 metre fir stands in the middle of the Christmas market. Another attraction is the Christmas crib with 14 life-sized figures.

    The wonderful Christmas market in Erfurt offers about 200 different wooden stalls, a lot of attractions for adults and children and gets every visitor into christmas mood. 

    Erfurt's Christmas market is located in the medieval town center in front of the Erfurt Cathedral (Erfurter Dom) and the Severi church (Severikirche). The Christmas market Erfurt characterizes a eight-metre-high Christmas pyramid, which is a unique and fascinating attraction and awesome for visitors.   

    Delicious food and mulled wine make the visit on the Christmas market perfect and with that many attractions unforgettable. Meanwhile children have the opportunity to play at the special magical fairy forest or have fun at the big ferries wheel or the carousels, parents have the chance to relax and enjoy the delicious food and drinks the market offers. Typical christmas food, such as candied apples, sugared almonds and other sweets are offered on the Christmas market in Erfurt.

    Tip: Take a stroll on the Krämerbrücke built in the 13th century – with 120 metres the longest and with 32 houses completely constructed and inhabited Bridge Road in Europe.

    Location Details

    Escape Address: Domplatz, 99084 , Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany

    Things to do close by!


    Only a few minutes away from the Christmas market is a museum called 'Naturkundemuseum'. It offers many interesting and fascinating exhibitions about nature and is perfect for children and adults. Special attractions for children are offered at the museum where everyone has the chance to learn and understand facts about nature.


    Erfurt is a wonderful city with the old cathedral and the old synagogue, many churches and the beautiful dom. Very historic buildings and very worth seeing in the form of a sightseeing trip. Architecture interested visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful old buildings and views they get in the city.

    Nature exploring

    Next to the Christmas market is a river called 'Gera' surrounded by parks and nature. It offers a good opportunity to take a walk in the wintry Erfurt and to explore nature and the neighborhood. Nature lovers not only have the chance to explore wonderful nature and surroundings, but also to enjoy beautiful views over the city.

    Local speciality

    Thuringian specialities, such as the Thuringian Bratwurst (Thüringer Bratwurst) and the 'Erfurt Schittchen' are particularly popular. 'The Erfurt Schittchen' was mentioned for the first time in 1329 and thus is among the oldest Christmas stollen (Christstollen) in Germany.

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