Imhoff Schokoladenmuseum – The Chocolate Museum

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The Imhoff Schokoladenmuseum in Germany

Imhoff Schokoladenmuseum – The Chocolate Museum

Everyone Loves The Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum is situated on the banks of the River Rhine and is near to the old town area of Cologne. Here you can learn all about the history of the world’s favourite sweet.

Hans Imhoff dedicated his life to chocolate and in 1993 he created the museum which is a showcase for the history and and culture of chocolate. This stretches back for 3000 years and while you are taking in all of the history of chocolate, you can taste it as well.

Exhibits And Classes At The Chocolate Museum

Everything to do with chocolate is at the museum and the curators continue to scour the globe for new pieces and information about the history of chocolate. This is the first museum to show the entire history and process of making chocolate which starts with the cocoa bean and ends up in your mouth and then your stomach (yum).

The exhibition shows how the Aztecs and the Mayans started creating chocolate and there is a small production plant which gives demonstrations of the industrial process.

Guided Tours Of The Chocolate Museum

All visitors to the museum can join a guided tour with special trips for children who will soon learn all there is to know about chocolate. You can taste the cacao fruit and cocoa beans that are the main ingredients of your favourite sweet. Adults will love the Tour and Tasting event as this involves two favourites; Chocolate and Wine.

Tours are in English and German and you can take part in the many interactive exhibits, the highlight of which is the 10 foot high Chocolate Fountain.

If you are planning to visit the fabulous city of Cologne then a trip to the Chocolate Museum is a must. Learn how to make chocolate (to go with the wine) and when you leave you can take your own creation back home.

Getting To The Imhoff Schokoladenmuseum

By Air

Cologne is a large airport and every day there are hundreds of flights in from all over Europe including the UK. The 15 minute ride into the city is simple and there are connections straight to the chocolate museum.

By Train

Take the train, which runs every 15 minutes, from Cologne airport to Köln Messe/Deutz Gl. 9-10. This station takes you to within under 2 kilometres of the museum. You can walk the rest of the journey or take a taxi. Time to the museum from the airport is 35 minutes.

By Road

The drive from Cologne airport to the museum is only 15 minutes. Use the A59 and then the A559 then turn onto the B55 and B51 to Im Zollhafen. Parts of the route are restricted roads. You can park your car at Rheinauhafen.

There is also a special bus that runs daily at periods of 30 minutes from Cologne cathedral around the old town and it stops at the museum.

Other Things To Do In Cologne

Seeing The City Of Cologne

The old town in Cologne has some spectacular old buildings and there are also museums, restaurants and plenty of shops. You can have a wander around and buy a souvenir or just soak up the atmosphere of this wonderful city.

If you happen to time your visit to coincide with the Lenten period you can see the Cologne Carnival which is very famous all over the world. Fun, laughter and dressing up do not come any better than at this event.

Visit The Belgian Quarter

The cosmopolitan nature of Cologne is so evident in the Belgian quarter where there are many bars and clubs for socialising and relaxing. Bars and restaurants have special entertainments and some are famous for individual features. The Barracuda Bar which is close to the city park does a fabulous mojito cocktail and there are plenty of others.

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