Jaderpark – Amusements And Animals

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Jaderpark - Amusements And Animals

Jaderpark – Amusements And Animals

Enjoy The Zoo And Some Leisure Time At Jaderpark

There is lots of fun and leisure time to be had at Jaderpark which offers the combination of animals, amusements and play areas. Fantastic attractions like the Electric Theatre and rides on carousels jostle for attention with the wonderful zoo where you can get close to so many different animals.

Indoors there is a children’s play area where they can let off steam while you rest your weary legs before continuing on your trip around the park.

Animals Houses At Jaderpark

There are five animal houses at Jaderpark and recent expansions and renovations have made this zoo one of the best in Europe. Thirty five different types of mammals live at the zoo and it has the largest variety of birds, boasting 70 different species.

The Reptile House allows you close examination of the snakes, alligators and lizards which are separated from visitors by glass screens. The Creepy Crawly house is not for the faint hearted but children usually find this one of the most interesting houses.

Giraffes, tapirs and pygmy hippopotomi are all there for you to marvel at and you can be sure that these animals, birds and reptiles are all well looked after.

Opening Times For The Jaderpark

Opening times for the Jaderpark vary according to season but the zoo and play houses are open all year. The outside amusements and rides open from March to the end of October. Unlike some other parks you can bring along your dog as long as you keep it on a lead.

There are some age limits for the rides and for using the sports equipment but there is so much to do here that everyone will enjoy the day out.

After a long day of fun on the rides, you will want to take a rest so try a snack and drink under the old Lime Tree that has been there for over 260 years. The Flamingo Lagoon is one of the restaurants where you can sit and reflect about your lovely day at the Jaderpark.

How To Reach The Jaderpark

By Air

Bremen airport is 76.8 kilometres from Varel which is the nearest town to the Jadperpark. It is two hours by train, just over 3 hours using the bus and train and about 50 minutes by car.

By Train

If you land at Bremen airport you will need to walk or take a taxi to Gastfeldstraße then a bus to Bremen Hbf (main station). There is a regional train from Bremen Hbf to Oldenburg and then another regional train to Varel.

From Varel there is a bus directly to the park which runs three times a week. Or, take a taxi and the total journey time is 2 hour and 27 minutes.

By Road

There are two different routes to Jaderpark from Bremen Airport. Use the A28 and A29 motorways which results in a journey time of 46 minutes if the traffic is light. Or, choose the A27 and B437 route which take one hour. Jaderpark is well signposted and there is ample parking.

Other Attractions Close To Jaderpark

Exploring Around The Region Near Jaderpark

At Jaderbusen there is a large bay area that covers 190 square kilometres. There are plenty of places at the bay to explore or relax. You can hire a bike or walk around and enjoy the wonderful sights of nature that abound at the bay.

For relaxation, there are lots of restaurants in the nearby towns and villages. One of these will prove to be a welcome break after an exhausting day out at Jaderpark.

Visit The Town Of Varel

Varel is close to Jaderpark and it is a pretty town with an old castle church that was built in 1144. The cobbled streets have lots of little shops and the pretty harbour is an excellent place to take a meal and a drink. If you are looking for peace and quiet you will certainly get it here.

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