Irrland – The All Weather Park For Families

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Irrland - The All Weather Park For Families

Irrland – The All Weather Park For Families

A Farm Adventure That Children Will Love

Covering over 300,000 square metres, the Irrland International is a park with recreational activities both outside and indoors. There are playgrounds, a large maze and a zoo with small animals.

You can enjoy a really special day out at this all weather park that accommodates interests for children and adults.

The Fun Park At Irrland

Featuring a lot of hands on fun and activities, Irrland is an extremely popular park. You can twirl down the twisty slides, try your hand a pedalling on the cute tricycles and kids can have a go on the Bobby Car Hill. There is more than one death defying slide so be sure to take care when you indulge your inner child.

If you want to experience some racing then the Go Carts are great fun but these are ones that you have to pedal so make sure you are feeling energetic and strong.

So Many Attractions At Irrland

Set in a natural environment the Irrland park has many attractions. You can get lost in the plant maze and enjoy some up close and personal contact with animals in the petting zoo. The large playgrounds are guaranteed to let you have fun and, being German, the park is considered very ‘Green’ i.e. environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a Disney experience then this is not it but Irrland has many attractive qualities that make a lot of families return for another visit.

How To Get To Irrland

By Air

The nearest International airport to Irrland is Dusseldorf. Flights from the UK are regularly scheduled to Dusseldorf and the rest of the journey can be completed by train or by road. Dusseldorf airport is just over 66 kilometres from the park.

By Train

The Deutsches Bahn train number S83158 departs Dusseldorf airport every 20 minutes and this takes you to the main station in the city. From Düsseldorf Hbf you take a regional train to Kevelaer. The journey time is one hour and 20 minutes.

At Kevelaer you can change to a bus number 73 and this takes about 5 minutes and is three stops to Irrland. Alternatively, you can walk the remaining 3.8 kilometres or take a cab.

By Road

Leave Dusseldorf airport and use the A44 then A57 motorways to Kevelaer. Then use Bury St Edmunds Strasse, Romerstrasse and Twistendeber Strasse. Parking is free at Irrland. The journey time is 45 minutes.

What Else Is There To Do Near Irrland

Take Trip Over The Border

Irrland is so close to the border with the Netherlands that it makes perfect sense to take a trip to another country while you are here. It is a mere 10 minute drive and you can experience another culture as well as having fun at Irrland.

Nature And Exploring The Nearby Museums

The Tranerpark Den Heyberg is only 4 minutes away from Irrland. This is the perfect place to relax and explore the beautiful nature park and quiet surroundings after a busy day at Irrland.

The folklore and cultural history museum is also close to Irrland and you can reach it in around 8 minutes by car. There is a lot to see and you can also enjoy the opportunity to explore the city which could be a welcome change after the excitement of Irrland.

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