Hansa-Park Sierksdorf – The Amusement Park By The Sea

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Hansa-Park Sierksdorf

Hansa-Park Sierksdorf – The Amusement Park By The Sea

Amusement Park By The Baltic Sea

The Hansa-Park Sierksdorf is the only amusement park in Germany that is on the coast. Located directly at Lübeck Bay on the southern end of the Eastern Holstein peninsula, it is close to a small village where there are only around 1,500 local people.

Situated on the northern edge of the village and covering 460,000 square metres, the park holds some 125 attractions which bring in over a million visitors each year.

The Original Amusement Park – Legoland

Established in 1973 as Legoland, the park was later renamed Hansaland and then it was changed again in 1987 to Hansa-Park. Like many other amusement parks there are several large roller coasters which provide fun for thrill seekers but there are also many other attractions for the whole family.

Rides for toddler, children and adults and shows like the Water Circus have helped to make this one of the best amusement parks in the country. Every afternoon there is a parade and you can also visit the Multimedia and special effects shows which are great fun. The park has many themed areas including a Western town, Bonanza City and Hanse In Europe.

Riding The Roller Coasters At Hansa-Park Sierksdorf

If you love roller coasters then you will thoroughly enjoy a visit to Hansa-Park Sierksdorf. Nessie is a looping roller coaster which runs for 840 metres and its top speed is 90 kilometres per hour. Rasender Roland is named after the railway on Rügen island and is known in English as Rushing Roland.

Wilde Maus (Crazy Mine) is the wild mouse roller coaster with small cars for two people and it goes in short sharp bends that make you think it will come off the rails. The Fluch von Novgorod (Curse of Novgorod) is the world’s first mixed Launched Coaster and Euro Fighter. Furthermore, it is Germany’s steepest roller coaster at a height of 40 metres and a top speed of 100 kilometres per hour.

Water Rides And Restaurants

There are several more sedate water rides that are suitable for both young and old and when you have finished with the rides you can enjoy some relaxation and refreshments at the restaurants and cafes that are dotted all around the park.

Close to the Hansa Park by the sea there are homes which can be rented for holidays. So, if you feel that one day is not long enough at the park, you can book one of the rentals and stay for longer.

How To Get To Hansa-Park Sierksdorf

By Air

The most convenient airport to fly into is Hamburg which is 95 kilometres away. Trains and buses will cover your onward journey to the park. Journey time by train is 2 and a half hours and by road it takes just over one hour.

By Train

Trains leave Hamburg airport every 10 minutes to Ohisdorf. Then change to the U1 to Hamburg Hbf (main station). From there you can catch an hourly train to Lübeck Hbf and then a regional express or intercity train to Sierksdorf. The park is 1.5 kilometres from the station.

By Road

Leaving Hamburg airport pick up the A1 motorway and get off at exit 15 Eutin. Continue on the Bäderstraße to Am Fahrenkrog in Sierksdorf. Driving time is just over an hour if the traffic is good.

What Else Is There To Do

Sailing And Canoes On The Baltic Sea

If you like water sport then why not go the the sailing school in Neustadt which offers all kinds of courses for beginners and those with more advanced skills. You can hire a motor boat or small dinghy or canoe for the inland waters that abound near to the sea. Or, if you are sufficiently qualified you can go out on the ocean. Alternatively, take a ride with one of the many organised companies that provide trips around the beautiful bays of the Baltic.

Look Around The City Of Eutin

Only 16 kilometres from Kierksdorf is the small city of Eutin which is known as the Weimar of the North. The centre is very historic and there is a superb Baroque style castle with beautiful gardens. This was formerly the residence of the princes and bishops of Lübeck.

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