Garden Of Butterflies Friedrichsruh

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Garden of Butterflies

Garden Of Butterflies Friedrichsruh

Colourful Butterflies In A Beautiful Setting At Friedrichsruh

This is Germany’s oldest butterfly garden and it is owned by the von Bismark family. The Garten der Schmetterlinge is open from the middle of March until the end of October and it is a great way to spend a day with your family.

The garden was established by Princess Elisabeth von Bismark over 25 years ago and it is full of wonderful sensory experiences in the glass greenhouses. You can see amazing tropical butterflies and moths that have countless colours and some of them are huge! However, they are all completely harmless.

The Glass Pavilion At The Butterfly Garden

Inside the glass pavilion the climate has been established with the right temperature and humidity. You will experience temperatures of between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius and quite often a butterfly will land on you.

Butterflies are always searching for nectar and will fly between one flower and another so if you are wearing colourful clothing don’t be surprised if you are mistaken for a flower.

Types Of Butterflies At The Garden

One of the largest moths in the world is the Atlas Moth which has its habitat in China. It stays very quiet and still during the day and is active at night. The moth was named after the Titan Atlas from the mythology of Greece.

The Blue Morpho comes from Brazil and is a stunning turquoise colour with wings that have a metallic sheen. It is one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world.

See The Metamorphosis Of The Butterfly

If you are lucky you will get to see the moment when a butterfly emerges from its pupae and takes off for the first time. Morpho Butterflies have wingspan of three inches and there is another type called the Sunset Morpho which has wings up to eight inches in width.

There are also other experiences to enjoy at the Garden of Butterflies. You can feed the Koi Carp which can be found in the Singing Water Garden and get an insight into how bees and ants build their nests.

After a day at the Butterfly Garden, take a break in either the ‘Café Vanessa or the Cafeteria am Schlossteich. Here you will find a children’s playground with rabbits to feed and chinchillas to cuddle and stroke. The Garden Of Butterflies Friedrichsruh is a really lovely day out.

Hotels Near To Garden Of Butterflies Friedrichsruh

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Waldhaus Reinbek

The Waldhaus Reinbek is a five star hotel where the staff will treat you like a VIP. Situated at the foot of the Sachsenwald Forest and placed 6.87 kilometres from the Garden of Butterflies, the hotel has rooms furnished in an individual style and you can also choose to stay in a larger suite.

Enjoy a drink in the American Bar and food from the restaurant which serves local dishes. With the Reinbek S-Bahn Station just a five minute walk away, the hotel is ideally placed for visitors who want to see something of Hamburg as well as the Butterfly Valley.

Sachsenwald Hotel Reinbek

The sauna at the four star Sachsenwald Hotel Reinbek is just one of the facilities on offer and the hotel is only 6.03 kilometres from the Garden Of Butterflies. Classically furnished rooms have a flat screen TV, seating area and an Internet connection.

The breakfast buffet is very varied and in the evening you can eat German cuisine at its best. Relax in the generous lounge area with a drink after a walk around the butterflies garden and at the 24 hour reception you can hire bikes.

Alt Lohbrügger Hof

This is a family run hotel situated in the leafy suburbs of Hamburg. It is 9.07 kilometres from the Butterfly Valley and delivers four star elegance with excellent service. You can choose from German or International dishes in the restaurant and each day there is a wide choice at the breakfast buffet.

An added attraction at the Alt Lohbrügger Hof is the bowling alley and guests are able to rent a bike or book trips for hiking in the nearby Saxon forest. Close to sites such as the Reinbeck and Bergdorf Castles, the Alt Lohbrügger Hof has 67 rooms and gives a friendly welcome to all visitors.

Travelling To The Garden Of The Butterflies

By Air

Take a flight to Hamburg which is the closest airport to the Garden of The Butterflies. You can go onward by train or road.

By Train

Take the S Bahn S1 train from the airport to Hamburg Berliner Tor and then the S-Bahn S21 to Aumühle. The journey takes one hour.

By Road

Take the A24 motorway and exit at Schwarzenbeck / Grande or ‘Witzhave. The Garden of the Butterflies is well signposted and has its own parking area.

Other Attractions To Visit Near The Garden of The Butterflies

Visit The Exciting Climbing Park

Hamburg-Sachsenwald is a climbing park that offers adventure and fun for everyone. Situated in an old beech and oak forested area, you can try swings, slides and see the amazing views from the high treetops which are reached using rope bridges. This is a unique experience and is not to be missed.

An Historic Museum At Friedrichsruh

The Bismarck Museum is in an old country house at Friedrichsruh in the district of Aumühle. It is dedicated to the memory of the Imperial Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck and honours his political work. Open all year round, you can visit the museum on a joint ticket with one for the Garden of Butterflies.

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