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Fundolino for kids

FunDolino Speyer

An Indoor Playground – The FunDolino Speyer

When you want your kids to have some physical exercise combined with fun, a tablet or smartphone doesn’t do the trick. Take a trip to FunDolino Speyer, the indoor playground that promotes fun and play in both winter and during the summer months.

Your children will love the climbing, sliding and movement of all kinds. What’s more they will make some new friends from the other children that are there. Physical fun at FunDolino Speyer promotes a healthy body, active mind and helps to develop confidence in the young.

When Is FunDolino Speyer Open?

The fun indoor playground is open Wednesday to Friday between the hours of 2.30 pm and 6.30 pm. On Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays you can go between 11.00 am and 6.30 pm. Of course, years ago there were plenty of open spaces where children could enjoy running and jumping in complete freedom. However, times change and there are now less areas of recreation where parents can be sure that their children are safe.

A Safe Fun Environment At FunDolino Speyer

At FunDolino Speyer, the environment is safe and secure and parents know that their children will have the best time ever. Kids can roam around and you can be sure that they are being carefully watched by the staff who will always have your children’s safety and best interests at heart. So, it doesn’t matter whether it is pouring with rain or even snowing, you can take your children to FunDolino Speyer and they can indulge in play on swings, trampolines, bikes and climbing frames of all kinds.

Food And Drinks At FunDolino Speyer

If you want to hold a child’s birthday party at FunDolino Speyer it will be an unforgettable experience for the children involved. The maximum age for a child’s birthday party is ten and there must be at least 6 children in the party. Food like french fries, sausages and pizza are served with tasty ice cream for dessert. There are also cold and hot drinks. The birthday boy or girl gets in free.

Food is always available whether or not there is a party and the prices are reasonable. However, if you want to take your own refreshment this is allowed.

A trip to FunDolino Speyer is a wonderful fun time and it is one that your children will ask for again and again.

Accommodation Near To Fundolino Speyer

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Lindner Hotel & Spa Binshof

Scoring a very high 8 rating from previous guests, the Lindner Hotel & Spa Binshof has four stars and delivers luxury and contentment. Antique furniture, granite flooring and marble bathrooms are in every room and the breakfast buffet is free. The hotel boasts a large spa with two pools and it is situated in the countryside just 3.05 kilometres from Fundolino Speyer.

Staff at the Lindner Hotel & Spa speak English and will help to make your stay there a memorable one. The hotel is only a 10 minute drive from the cathedral and technical museum at Speyer so you can combine trips to both of these attractions as well as Fundolino.

Hotel Löwengarten

With stunning views of the cathedral and just a short walk from the historic centre of Speyer, the Hotel Löwengarten is a very popular choice for visitors to this area. Rooms are equipped with a safe, refrigerator and phone and there is free Wi-Fi throughout.

The restaurant at the hotel serves tasty Rhineland-Palatine cuisine and the hotel has its own cellar with an extensive choice of fine wines. As a base from which to explore the region and as a place to stay when visiting the Fundolino, this hotel has much to recommend it.

Hotel Residenz am Königsplatz

Only 1.4 kilometres from the main station and 2.35 kilometres from the Fundolino, the Hotel Residenz am Königsplatz has four star accommodation, a fitness centre and a spa. All of the rooms have been recently renovated and you will get cable TV, a mini bar and an ensuite bathroom.

The bar at the hotel serves a selection of light snacks and drinks and breakfast is buffet style. You can park your car relatively close to the hotel for a small charge. There are just 15 rooms at this boutique accommodation which means you get extra personal service from the English speaking staff.

How To Get To The Fundolino Speyer

By Air

It is 92 kilometres from Frankfurt Airport to Speyer. Transport by train using the urban railway and by car on the motorway are the easiest options to reach the Fundolino.

By Train

Take an Intercity train from Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf to Mannheim Hbf. Trains run hourly and the journey is 35 minutes long. Then take either the S 82501 or the S 82502 to Speyer Nord-West. These trains run every 30 minutes and the journey is 24 minutes. The remainder of the journey is a 20 minute walk.

By Road

Leave the airport terminal on the A5 and take the A67, A6 and A61 to the B39 exit at Speyer. Continue on the B39 then turn off to Landauer Str. and Schwerdstraße to Hellergasse.

Attractions Close To The Fundolino At Speyer

Visit The Local Brewery At Speyer

The Domhof is a brewery that is close to Speyer Cathedral. It produces a local brew and you can indulge in a meal at the same time as a tasting session. If you visit the brewery in the summer, you can sit in the beer garden and enjoy live music concerts.

Shopping And Eating Out At Speyer

The modern shopping centre at Speyer is called the Postgalerie and it is fronted by the old post office building. There is more than 15,000 square metres of shopping area with exclusive boutiques for fashion and jewellery as well as lots of nice places to eat. Try a drop of the local beer or a fine wine and some regional cuisine while you rest up after a day of retail therapy.

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