Belantis Vergnügungspark Leipzig

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Belantis Vergnügungspark Leipzig

Belantis Vergnügungspark Leipzig

A Top Theme Park In Germany

Belantis Vergnügungspark at Leipzig is a theme park that gives the visitor an historical journey through seven different exciting themed worlds. Covering 27 hectares, the park is rated as one of the top ten theme parks in Germany and this is a distinction that is well deserved.

Located in the south of Leipzig, the theme park was built in 2003 and is on the site of a former coal mine that had already been transformed into a large lake district.

The Seven Worlds

Each of the seven worlds represents areas that are in Europe and the cuisine and entertainment is themed to match. Many people choose to start in the East Germany section where the huge castle Belantis is truly an awesome sight. Here there is a souvenir shop where you can buy a memento of your trip.

Other themed areas feature the Valley of the Pharaohs and the Prairie of Indians. There are so many different rides to enjoy that you may find yourself coming back for another day.

Over 60 Attractions To Enjoy

As over half a million visitors each year can testify, the theme park has a wealth of attractions and these are situated around the two lakes. One of the most popular is the Huracan roller coaster which is ranked amongst the steepest in the world. It rises to over 32 metres and then goes free fall into loops which number five rollovers.

Try A Segway

Another favourite is the Segway-Parcour where you can try to keep your balance on this fun machine whilst navigating an obstacle course. Tour guides are on hand to help you with your first ride on a Segway.

Water rides and a panoramic tower are just two of the other attractions that will give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Open from April until October, the park also offers a kite flight which takes you over the other attractions to give you a unique glimpse of the whole area.

Not Just A Theme Park

The Belantis Vergnügungspark at Leipzig is not just the usual theme park. It also provides entertainment like knight’s tournaments and pirates!. This is a theme park that will give you a taste for something special and your trip here will be one to remember.

Where To Stay At Belantis Vergnügungspark

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Hotel Seehof Leipzig

There are plenty of leisure facilities at the Hotel Seehof including a swimming pool with wave action, a sauna and a steam room. Located just 4.63 kilometres from the theme park, the hotel restaurant serves traditional German dishes as well as International cuisine. Spacious rooms with free Wi-Fi and free parking make this hotel an excellent choice for visitors to the theme park.

Seepark Auenhain

On the shores of the Lake Markkleeberger and situated 8.27 kilometres from the theme park is the five star Seepark Auenhain hotel. You can use the excellent spa facilities after a day at the park and try out the specialities of Saxony cuisine that are served in the Seeperle restaurant.

With a playground for the children and free parking, the facilities at the hotel are exceptional. Walk around the shores of the lake or laze on the beach and you will have a holiday to remember.

Leonardo Hotel und Residenz

Leipzig has many superior hotels and the Leonardo Hotel und Residenz is one of them. On the outskirts of the city and set in Auenwald forest, the hotel is only 7.74 kilometres from the theme park and just 2.4 kilometres from the centre of the city. Italian food is served in the Mona Lisa restaurant and the rooms have marble granite floors and modern furnishings.

How To Reach Belantis Vergnügungspark Leipzig

By Air

Fortunately there is an International airport at Leipzig so the onward journey to the theme park is short. You can travel by train, tram or car. The journey time by road is 30 minutes.

By Train

Take the train from Leipzig airport to Leipzig main station (Hbf) and then onward to Leipzig-Knauthain. You can walk the remaining 3.7 kilometres from there to the park or travel by bus.

By Tram

At Leipzig Central Station take the LVB tram line 3 to the end of the line, Knautkleeberg. Then take the LVB 118 bus to Belantis. The total journey time is 40 minutes.

By Road

The route from Leipzig airport uses the B186 and takes 45 minutes. There are alternative routes using the A14 and A38 and this takes 45 minutes. Finally, you can take the Dieskaustraße which takes 48 minutes.

There are also bike paths that run from the centre of Leipzig to the park and parking for 700 bicycles is available at the main entrance. Journey time is around 40 minutes.

Attractions Close To The Belantis Vergnügungspark Leipzig

Exploring Nature

The Garten Leipzig is close to the theme park and has a large variety of animals that are housed in natural habitats. Six themed worlds hold the animals so that children can see how they live in the wild.

Showtime Events

Just a 17 minute drive from the theme park is the Krystallpalast Variete, a place of entertainment where you can enjoy acrobatics, comedies, shows ands meals in the vaudeville restaurant.

A Journey Through History

A trip to the Belantis Vergnügungspark at Leipzig will give you fun and excitement as well as a trip through history. Enjoy your rides in themed attractions like the Egyptian or the Prairie arenas or just wander around the picturesque lakes and have fun with family and friends.

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