Allwetterzoo Münster – Zoo

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Allwetterzoo Münster – Zoo

Allwetterzoo Münster An All Year Round Treat

An all year round treat is a visit to the Allwetterzoo Münster. Located on the same site as the original zoo which was opened in 1875, this all weather zoo is open to the public all year round. Visiting the zoo you can enjoy a walk around all the compounds which are joined together by roofed walkways.

Feeding The Animals

One of the great pleasures that comes from a visit to Allwetterzoo Münster is the feeding time when you can get up close to the animals. The huge and impressive mammals like elephants have their feed at times when the public can take part and you can enjoy watching the antics of the seals and monkeys as they play around at feeding time.

A Petting Zoo For The Children

Both adults and kids will have fun at the petting zoo where ponies, goats and sheep compete for all the attention. There is even a cute pig. Children can enjoy fussing over the pets whilst parents relax and rest their feet after walking around this amazing zoo.

Taking A Break at Allwetterzoo

With more than 300 different species to see, the zoo can take some time to get around. After you have enjoyed a visit to the great apes, the magnificent lions and the aquarium, you can sit down and take a break at one of the cafes or bistros that are dotted around this large zoo.

Allwetterzoo is Open All Year

The Allwetterzoo Münster is an all weather zoo that is open every day of the year. During the summer months it opens at 9.00 am and closes at 6.00 pm. In winter the hours are shorter. With so many different species to see you may need more than one trip to the Allwetterzoo Münster. So, see where you can stay when you visit the zoo.

Hotels Near The Allwetterzoo Münster

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Mövenpick Hotel Münster

The closest hotel to the Allwetterzoo Münster is the Mövenpick Hotel, a four star establishment right next to the Aasee Lake. This hotel with very friendly staff is within walking distance and lies only 1.36 kilometres from the zoo. With large air conditioned rooms and free Sky cinema TV, you can certainly relax after a day of meeting the animals.

The hotel has a convenient bus stop on the bus route to the Münster main station which makes it easy to reach when you arrive at the city.

Parkhotel Hohenfeld Münster

A little further afield is the Parkhotel Hohenfeld Münster which is situated in parkland and it is still within easy reach of the zoo. Located 2.11 kilometres away, this is a wonderful place to stay with a country restaurant that serves both Mediterranean and German food. There is a spa with indoor swimming pool and the chance to enjoy a relaxing Finnish massage to while away your aches and pains after a day walking all around the zoo.

H4 Hotel Münster City Centre

Right in the heart of the city is the H4 Hotel Münster City Centre, a modern masterpiece that is close to the historic cathedral and the railway station. Even so this is still only 2.98 kilometres from the zoo which makes it convenient for seeing this wonderful city and paying a visit to see the animals.

With all English speaking staff who are friendly and welcoming, the hotel is very popular and rooms sell out fast.

How To Reach Allwetterzoo Münster

Road, rail, bus and sometimes a boat can be used to reach the Allwetterzoo Münster. It is in the perfect location so it is easy to get there whichever method of transport you choose.


There are two motorways from Münster city, the A1 and A43 both lead to the zoo from the outskirts of the city. Following signs for Allwetterzoo Münster will take you directly there and with over 3,000 parking spaces there is no problem finding somewhere to put your car. Parking is cheap too at a cost of 3 euro per day (2014 price).


Münster city is well connected by the IC network and trains run directly to Hamburg, Bremen and Dortmund. Arriving at the Münster Hauptbahnhof (main station), you can get a number 14 bus by taking the exit marked ‘zoo’.


The long distance buses that run from all over the country to Münster, arrive at the same station and then a local bus (number 14) to the zoo is available. The journey takes only a few minutes from the main station.


During the peak summer holiday season, a special boat trip that runs once an hour goes across the Aasee lake from the city. Using solar power this is the perfect way to approach this wonderful zoo which will thrill and delight all visitors.

Something Else To See Near To Allwetterzoo Münster

Although a visit to the all weather zoo at Münster may take up more than one day of your stay, there are other things to see and do after you have had your fill of the animals.


There is a fabulous network of cycle paths that stretch to over 300 kilometres all around Münster and this makes cycling a safe and enjoyable way to see some of the sights in this historic German city. Bikes can be rented from local hotels.

Sightseeing Around The City of Münster

The many historic buildings around the city makes this location a haven for those who love architecture. The city hall and Lamberti cathedral are just two wonderful buildings that are waiting for you to pay a visit.

Enjoy German Cuisine

Epicures who want to taste some of the unusual Westphalian cuisine can try individual dishes at the many restaurants that are dotted all around Münster. Unlike the German coastal towns, the Westphalian food served in Münster concentrates on meat and pastries instead of fish dishes.

A Local Treasure – Allwetterzoo Münster

Whether you take a trip to see the large and impressive elephants, lions and tigers or the smaller domestic animals at the children’s petting zoo, the Allwetterzoo Münster is a wonderful place for all the family. Staying at Münster, you can also enjoy the city sights and have fun on the Aasee lake.

Walk or cycle around the city and get a real feel for this part of Germany where everyone wants to be your friend.

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