AbenteuerPark Potsdam

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AbenteuerPark Potsdam

AbenteuerPark Potsdam

Adventure Climbing Events For Everyone

Not everyone wants to go to the seaside and sit around in the sun. If you and your family want some fun on a special kind of holiday then head for AbenteuerPark Potsdam. This is an adventure park in a forest with a wide range of climbing events that can be enjoyed by all, no matter what level of expertise you are at. Situated at the city of Potsdam in Brandenburg, the park has over 170 different elements of climbing in 12 courses which stretch over 1.7 kilometres.

Supervised Climbing With Ranger Assistance

The climbs are positioned directly into the trees with difficult high rope courses and more moderate supervised climbing activities that are suitable for younger children. You can choose to ask an experienced park ranger to include your children in a supervised climb while you try out something more demanding or go around as a family and enjoy some fun together. Children who attend supervised climbs will be grouped together with others of the same ability and they will enjoy the sense of independence that they gain whilst having an amazing fun experience.

Climbing Trips For Teams

At the park there is also a zip wire that runs for 200 metres and this is one experience that will provide an adrenaline rush like no other. You can choose to take part in team events and the park regularly attracts school trips and special events organised for birthday parties. Groups seeking to spend a weekend in a team building event are often to be found there and the park will even organise a climbing trip over Christmas. When you arrive you will be given a program that allows you to learn all about your team and this unusual environment encourages you to learn more about your fellow climbers. As a short break destination, this park offers something exceptional and lots of fun for everyone who pays a visit.

Accommodation Near AbenteuerPark Potsdam

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Mercure Hotel Potsdam

The Mercure Hotel Potsdam City is situated just 1.03 kilometres away from the climbing park. It has four stars and is a modern establishment with all the amenities you could want including free Wi-Fi, traditional Brandenburg cuisine and the higher floors give great views over the city. The hotel is next to the harbour with some rooms having a view over the River Havel and all rooms are air conditioned.

Hotel Brandenburger Potsdam

Close to the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Potsdam is a classic hotel, the Hotel Brandenburger Tor Potsdam. With a Baroque facade but a modern interior, this hotel adds a little glamour by serving meals on plates made by the royal porcelain manufacturer in Berlin. Sited only 2 kilometres from the adventure park, the hotel has a lovely outside terrace where you can enjoy a drink and the staff will be happy to arrange a tour of the city for some sightseeing.

Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin

Further afield in Berlin and situated some 29 kilometres away from AbenteuerPark Potsdam is the Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin. Another four star hotel, this one has a wellness and fitness centre, bright modern rooms, is just a 15 minute walk from the Alexanderplatz and has excellent transport links to the rest of the city.

Getting To AbenteuerPark Potsdam

Getting to AbenteuerPark Potsdam very simple. You can choose to travel by train or road and if you are flying into Germany then the closest airports are situated at Berlin.

By Train

The RE1 train runs from Berlin Hauptbahnhof (S+U) and the journey is only 25 minutes. Tickets can be purchased through DB Bahn and when you arrive at the local station it is just a 10 minutes walk to the forest. Trains from Potsdam central take only around 5 minutes to the park.

By Road

Travelling to the park by road is very straightforward and once you arrive there is ample free parking. The route to take is to drive towards Potsdam-Zentrum and follow the directions for “Landtag”. The Albert-Einstein-Straße takes you to the adventure park. There are also many cycle paths that can be used to get to the park. The “Europaradweg R1” is close by and runs from Calais all the way to St. Petersburg with stunning natural scenery along the way. Once you arrive there is a secure place to leave your bikes while you enjoy all that this forest climbing experience has to offer.

By Air

There are two airports within a reasonable distance to the park. They are both well connected to the city centre of Berlin and allow easy access to the adventure park. The Flughafen-Tegel is only a 30 minute drive by car and a short 35 minute trip by train with just one stop along the way. The Berlin-Schönefeld airport is also a 35 minute drive by car or by train it takes 50 minutes.

Nearby Attractions And Activities

Potsdam is a wonderful city that has a history stretching back to the Bronze Age. There are dozens of landmarks so if you enjoy sightseeing you will be spoiled for choice. The Sanssouci Palace is spectacular with beautiful buildings and acres of gardens. There is a guided tour available which enables you to learn all about the history of the palace so if you love architecture this is one place that you will enjoy. The St Peter and Paul Cathedral is very close to the Dutch Quarter and has a large red brick tower with a clock and figurines.

Waterparks, Films And Amusements

If you want a different kind of fun there are two amusement and water parks at Potsdam. The Filmpark Babelsberg puts on stunt shows and dramas. There are also some 4D activities and you can walk around old movies sets. The Dino Dschunge is more suitable for young children with space for kids to run around and it has a Dino jungle. Potsdam also has a film museum and nine other more classic museums so there are plenty of places where you can learn about this historic city and Germany.

A Vibrant Exciting Nightlife

There is also plenty of nightlife, a host of cafes and restaurants and a special eat-the-world food tour where you can experience every kind of food and drink from around the globe. Finally, there are also watercourses and nature parks that you can enjoy exploring whilst finding that peace and quiet you may want after a few days at the climbing forest.

Safety Is A Top Priority For AbenteuerPark

For families who are thinking about paying a visit to the AbenteuerPark, you can be assured that the standards of safety are the highest in Europe. So, for a family day out or a weekend break, the AbenteuerPark Potsdam provides a new experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

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