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Lake Königssee – The Lake Like A Fjord

The Königssee – Cleanest Lake In Germany Most of Lake Königssee is in the Berchtesgaden National Park. It has been called the most beautiful lake in Germany with crystal clear water that has an emerald sheen. Conjuring up a fairy tale atmosphere, the Königssee is very reminiscent of a Norwegian Fjord. This is Germany’s third […]

Lake Starnberg – Germany’s Fifth Largest Lake

A Freshwater Lake In Rural Surroundings Lake Starnberg is the fifth largest lake in Germany and is situated in the rural district of Starnburg which is in the state of Bavaria. This is a popular spot for recreational activities for those who live at Starnberg and is also becoming favoured by visitors to the region. […]

Lake Groß Glienicker See – The Divided Lake

Lake Groß – A Lake With A Barrier Between Cities Situated in between Brandenburg and Berlin, Lake Groß Glienicker See covers a quarter of a square mile and the border between Potsdam and Berlin runs right through the centre of the lake in a North/South direction. Part of Potsdam is on the left shore of […]

Krumme Lanke In Berlin

An Ideal Place For Hiking and Cycling In the southwest area of Berlin is the Krumme Lanke (lake). It is a local area where you can enjoy some exercise and fun and it is surrounded by the Langes Luch Nature Reserve. Situated in the neighbourhood of Steglitz-Zehlendorf and close to the the Grunewaldsee and the […]

Kappeln an der Schlei

A Holiday By The Sea Kappeln by the sea has a very British sounding name but this holiday resort is different to anything you may have experienced in the UK. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of your working life and any problems at home and visit a holiday resort that offers you a wide […]

The Hanseatic City of Wismar

A Small City Of Character Wismar is both a port and one of the Hanseatic cities in Germany that is important for its commercial and cultural attractions. It is situated just 45 kilometres from Lubeck and belongs to the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The city has a natural bay that is well protected and this has […]

Hamburg – The Seaport City

Hamburg: A Maritime City In Germany Hamburg is the second largest seaport city in Germany and is famous as a vibrant trading port and for the Beatles! There is so much to see and do that a visit here could take you some days if you want to take in all the experiences on offer. […]

Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park

Islands In The Elbe River The Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park is made up of of three islands that are at the mouth of the River Elbe and the mud flats that surround them. The park is situated 13 kilometres from Cuxhaven and around a 100 kilometres from Hamburg. Nevertheless, the islands and park belong […]

Großkrotzenburger See

A Lake With A Beach Situated just to the east of Frankfurt am Main, the Großkrotzenburg lake is huge and is open for swimmers only. So, you can go to the lake and sunbathe or swim without any fear of interruptions by noisy water sports enthusiasts. The beach (Strandbad Spessartblick) is 300 metres long and […]


A Seaport With Something Special The dominant aspect about Emden that is constantly remarked upon by visitors is that it looks like Holland. There are so many canals, dykes, windmills and beautiful coastal landscapes that you could imagine that you have stepped off the plane into the wrong part of the world. However, Emden really […]

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