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Hiking Trail Goethewanderweg Ilmenau

The Goethe Path Hiking Trail Named after the German poet, playwright and politician, the Goethe Path (Goethewanderweg) is 19 kilometres long. Goethe himself is said to have visited the trail at least 28 times and it runs between Ilmenau and Stützerbach. Along the path are places where Goethe made an impression and these places are […]

Hiking Trail Ehrbachklamm

Walking Through The Ehrbachklamm Gorge The natural beauty and amazing views experienced when you take a hike through the Ehrbachklamm Gorge are reward enough for the energy that it takes. This is a hike that goes for approximately 16 kilometres so it is very doable even for younger members of the family. Starting the walk […]

Hiking Trail Barefoot Path Bad Orb

Germany’s Longest Barefoot Path Hiking barefoot can be a liberating experience and if you want to combine this kind of walk with stunning forest scenery in a beautiful part of Germany, try the Barefoot Path Bad Orb (Barfußpark Bad Orb). As a recreational activity for the family it is hard to beat. The trail encompasses […]

Hasetal Recreation Area

Visit The Rabbit Valley (Hasetal) In the North West of Germany on the Osnabrücker land up to Emsland, there is a totally unspoilt valley that stretches for many miles. Known as the Hasetal (Rabbit Valley), this is a natural habitat of bogs, forests and a large area of floodplain. A small creek runs through the […]

Hainich National Park

Hainich – The 13th National Park In Germany Germany is quite rightly well known for its national parks and this one is the 13th to be opened to the public. Founded in 1997, the park sits in a triangular area between three cities; Eisenach, Mulhausen and Bad Langensalza. Covering 160 square metres, the concept behind […]

From Grainau to the Zugspitze Peak

The Highest Mountain In Germany Visitors to Bavaria often remark upon the spectacular height of the Zugspitze Peak which is the highest mountain in Germany. Towering some 2,962 metres above sea level, this is also Germany’s highest ski resort and it has three glaciers. A Railway Will Take You To The Top The Bayerische Zugspitzbahn […]


A Hidden Gem Near The Rhine And Moselle If you love outdoor pursuits and beautiful scenery then a trip to Emmelshausen will give you both. There are many wonderful areas of Germany where you can go hiking and biking and Emmelshausen has this and much much more. Castle And Rivers Spectacular castles, scenic rivers and […]

Bastei – Cliffs, Nature and Hiking

Natural Rock Formations A unique rock formation that has stood for over one million years, Bastei is over 305 metres above sea level and is the perfect place to take a holiday that involves some challenging hiking. A visit to Bastei will also allow you to enjoy the wonderful landscapes and panoramic views in an […]