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Kaiserdom in Speyer

The Wonderful Speyer Cathedral The Speyer Cathedral is dedicated to St. Mary who is the patron saint of the city and it was constructed in the thirty years before 1061 when it was consecrated. It is the largest surviving Romanesque church in the world and has a long and fascinating history. Surviving periods of both […]

Greiz – Pearl of the Vogtland

Greiz – A Fairytale City In Vogtland The rich collection of architectural styles that are found in Greiz have led it to be known as a fairytale city or the Pearl Of The Vogtland. There are buildings from many different periods and all of them look stunning. Located where the River Weiße Elster meets the […]

Goslar – An Imperial Historical Town

Goslar – A Lower Saxony Town In Germany Set in the foothills of the Harz mountains in the district of Lower Saxony, Goslar is a town that has a wealth of history stretching back to the 10th century. Established because silver was discovered close by in Rammelsberg, Goslar became an Imperial city and the Imperial […]

Dietfurt an der Altmühl

The Bavarian China Dietfurt is a little German town that has earned the nickname ‘Bavarian China’ because at carnival time it celebrates the Asian culture. The town is on the River Altmühl and there is a lot to do there in an area that is comprised of beautiful hills and seven pretty valleys. The hills […]

Hainich National Park

Hainich – The 13th National Park In Germany Germany is quite rightly well known for its national parks and this one is the 13th to be opened to the public. Founded in 1997, the park sits in a triangular area between three cities; Eisenach, Mulhausen and Bad Langensalza. Covering 160 square metres, the concept behind […]


The Romantic Road The Romantic Road is a route that was devised in the 1950’s to help guide visitors to some of the most beautiful and picturesque towns in Germany. Dinkelsbühl is one of these towns with splendid towers and a preserved city wall, both of which are set in a beautiful landscape of Bavaria […]

Cologne Cathedral

The Tallest Cathedral In Germany The Roman Catholic cathedral in Cologne is one of the most visited UNESCO world heritage sites. It is a twin spired structure that reaches the height of 157 metres and is the tallest twin spired church in the world. Not only that, the cathedral is the third tallest church in […]


An Historical European City There are lots of European cities with a long history and many of them have a large castle but few can equal Coburg which is situated in the Upper Franconia region of Bavaria and which has one of the largest castles in Germany. The city also boasts of no less than […]

Castle Diez

The Romance Of Castle Diez Castle Diez is just how you would imagine a fairy tale castle to be. Romantic on the outside but full of modern amenities that make staying at a youth hostel a much better experience than you would expect. Built upon a hill over the winding streets and half timbered house […]

Bad Münstereifel – Medieval Gem

A Fortified Town In Germany Bad Münstereifel is a fascinating small town in Germany where the old fortifications are still complete. Full of half timbered houses and having a small population of only 20,000 people, the town welcomes visitors who enjoy seeing and breathing history. History And A Spa The very narrow alleyways and passages […]