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Hainich National Park

Hainich – The 13th National Park In Germany Germany is quite rightly well known for its national parks and this one is the 13th to be opened to the public. Founded in 1997, the park sits in a triangular area between three cities; Eisenach, Mulhausen and Bad Langensalza. Covering 160 square metres, the concept behind […]

From Grainau to the Zugspitze Peak

The Highest Mountain In Germany Visitors to Bavaria often remark upon the spectacular height of the Zugspitze Peak which is the highest mountain in Germany. Towering some 2,962 metres above sea level, this is also Germany’s highest ski resort and it has three glaciers. A Railway Will Take You To The Top The Bayerische Zugspitzbahn […]

The Black Forest Park In Löffingen

A Leisure Park For All The Family The Black Forest Park (Schwarzwaldpark) is located in the centre of the beautiful Black Forest near to Löffingen. This family friendly park is not just full of rides and attractions but has a wild life area where you can see wild boar, lynx, monkeys, falcons and many more […]

Castle Diez

The Romance Of Castle Diez Castle Diez is just how you would imagine a fairy tale castle to be. Romantic on the outside but full of modern amenities that make staying at a youth hostel a much better experience than you would expect. Built upon a hill over the winding streets and half timbered house […]

Eifel National Park

Eifel National Park – Fostering Natural Beauty The Eifel National Park is the first in the area of North Rhine-Westfalia and it is the 14th national park in Germany. It is a wonderland for nature lovers with over 110 square kilometres of beautiful landscapes and is full of natural wildlife including some endangered species of […]

Hay Hotel Moerenhof

A Wonderful Romantic Location Sometimes an unusual location can turn out to be more romantic than a top luxury hotel. The Hay Hotel Moerenhof is one such place and is the perfect destination for visitors who want to enjoy a night or two, or a week, in the countryside with the option of spending an […]

Franconian Lake Region

The Lake District Of Germany A Centre For Water Sports When the German government undertook a water management project in North Bavaria, it created the Franconian Lake Region which is now a major tourist attraction. There are seven lakes and the area is a centre for water sports of all kinds. The whole expanse of […]


A Seaport With Something Special The dominant aspect about Emden that is constantly remarked upon by visitors is that it looks like Holland. There are so many canals, dykes, windmills and beautiful coastal landscapes that you could imagine that you have stepped off the plane into the wrong part of the world. However, Emden really […]

Borberg – An Historic Hiking Destination

A Popular Destination For Hikers Lovers of hiking and challenging long walks will like the mountainous Borberg area which is situated in the Rothaargebirge. The history of this place goes back for 2,000 years and the majestic Borberg Mountain rises some 670.2 metres high. Situated 5.5 kilometres to the south of Brilon, there are many […]

Berchtesgaden National Park

Berchtesgaden – Natures Secret Close to the border with Austria, the Berchtesgaden National Park is one of the most ancient parts of the Alps and it is a protected area. Declared as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, the pure mountain air and wonderful natural surroundings that you encounter here makes it a must see for […]

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