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Hamburg Dungeon – A Journey Through History

Explore The Hamburg Dungeon Situated in the warehouse district in the fantastic city of Hamburg is the Hamburg Dungeon, an exhibition that combines horror, shows and scary rides. This is the perfect place to go to learn about some of the history of Hamburg that stretches back some 600 years. If you are visiting the […]

Hamburg – The Seaport City

Hamburg: A Maritime City In Germany Hamburg is the second largest seaport city in Germany and is famous as a vibrant trading port and for the Beatles! There is so much to see and do that a visit here could take you some days if you want to take in all the experiences on offer. […]

Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park

Islands In The Elbe River The Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park is made up of of three islands that are at the mouth of the River Elbe and the mud flats that surround them. The park is situated 13 kilometres from Cuxhaven and around a 100 kilometres from Hamburg. Nevertheless, the islands and park belong […]

Ahrensburg Castle

An Architectural Wonder The town of Ahrensburg dates back to the 13th century and is notable for the beautiful Ahrensburg Castle built around 1580 during the Renaissance period. This stunning castle has now become a symbol of the town and there are lots of activities for visitors to enjoy. Known as a water castle, the […]