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Lake Ammersee – One Of The Largest Lakes In Bavaria

A Holiday At Lake Ammersee A holiday at Lake Ammersee is very popular. It is one of the largest lakes in Bavaria and has much to offer visitors. There is an abundance of nature, many water sports and also some Bavarian culture with speciality dishes in the restaurants. With an elevation of 533 metres above […]

Kappeln an der Schlei

A Holiday By The Sea Kappeln by the sea has a very British sounding name but this holiday resort is different to anything you may have experienced in the UK. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of your working life and any problems at home and visit a holiday resort that offers you a wide […]

Franconian Lake Region

The Lake District Of Germany A Centre For Water Sports When the German government undertook a water management project in North Bavaria, it created the Franconian Lake Region which is now a major tourist attraction. There are seven lakes and the area is a centre for water sports of all kinds. The whole expanse of […]

Bad Berleburg

A Wonderland Of Nature The beautiful town of Bad Berleburg is situated in the region of Siegen-Wittgenstein and it is well known for its forests and nature trails. Established for over 750 years, the town has a wealth of attractions for anyone who loves nature and the great outdoors. This town makes a lovely destination […]

Baldeneysee Essen

A Beautiful Lake In Germany Germany is full of beautiful lakes and the Baldeneysee Essen is a fabulous location that has forests all around the shoreline. You can visit the lake in both the winter and the summer and there are lots of trips by ship or boat and also water sports for those who […]