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Hiking trail Briloner Kammweg

Hiking In Germany – The Challenging Briloner Kammweg Certified as a quality hiking trail, the Brilon Ridge Trail in Sauerland covers a circular route that is 50 kilometres long. It begins in Brilon, a town where there are some beautiful half timbered houses and a lovely town hall with a Gothic facade. Brilon is a […]

Dessau Roßlau

A Mecca For Modern Architecture Dessau-Roßlau is a city in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt at a point where the rivers Elbe and Mulde join together. The city itself was created in 2007 and half of it (Dessau) is on the left bank of the Mulde whilst the other part (Roßlau) is on the right […]


Chiemsee – The Bavarian Sea Often called the ‘Bavarian Sea’, Chiemsee is the third largest lake in Germany. Two rivers flow into the lake, the Tiroler Aachen and the Prien, and the River Alz flows out at the Northern end of the lake. Renowned for its recreational facilities which feature sports such as sailing, rowing […]