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Lübeck – Queen Of The Hanseatic Cities

Lübeck – The Western City On The Baltic Coast Founded as far back as 1143, Lübeck was a leading city in the Hanseatic League, a group that was a commercial and defensive confederation in Germany. Still characterised by its medieval appearance and wonderful ancient buildings, Lübeck has many attractions for visitors to the Baltic coast. […]

Linderhof Palace

Castle Of A King Linderhof Palace is full of the spirit of medieval times. It is situated in the town of Ettal in Southern Bavaria and was built as a castle for King Ludwig II. This is the smallest of three castles built by the King and it is the only that he saw completed. […]

Historic Rheinsberg

Rheinsberg – A Beautiful River Town Close to the shores of the Grienericksee, Rheinsberg is a splendid place to visit. It boasts a Renaissance Palace, lovely areas to walk in the Schlosspark and a chance to go on a boat trip on the river. This is a town that offers excellent restaurants, plenty of culture […]

Heidelberg – The Epitome of A Romantic City

Fall In Love With Heidelberg It is not only the historic charm of Heidelberg that makes it a romantic city but it certainly helps. The beautiful scenic location in the Rhine Rift Valley and the River Neckar join with the impressive castle ruins to make this one of the most sought after holiday hot spots […]

Goslar – An Imperial Historical Town

Goslar – A Lower Saxony Town In Germany Set in the foothills of the Harz mountains in the district of Lower Saxony, Goslar is a town that has a wealth of history stretching back to the 10th century. Established because silver was discovered close by in Rammelsberg, Goslar became an Imperial city and the Imperial […]

Friedrichstadt – The Dutch Renaissance City

Friedrichstadt – Little Amsterdam Developed in the 17th century, Friedrichstadt is often called Little Amsterdam as it has so many canals and Dutch style homes. Designed in an unusual geometric style that was not seen in other German cities, it has broad streets which cross at right angles. Many of the houses were built on […]


In The Heart Of The Black Forest Another sunny city in Germany is Freudenstadt which is at the heart of the Black Forest. It has a huge market square that measures 4.5 hectares and this was originally designated as a site for a castle but it never got built. The square is 216 metres by […]

Weimar – A Town Of Culture

Weimar – The Home Of The Bauhaus Movement The city of Weimar was home to many of the artists who belonged to the Bauhaus movement. This was a modernist school of teaching that was developed in the early 20th century and was designed to foster an understanding between art, society and technology. The city is […]

Freiburg im Breisgau

Freiburg im Breisgau – The Sunniest City In Germany Freiburg is in the southwest area of Germany and has a very warm and sunny climate. Often called the German Tuscany, Freiburg boasted of over 1,639 hours of sunshine in 2013 and the average temperature was 11.4 degrees Celsius during that year. A Beautiful University Town […]

Erfurt City

Erfurt – A Wealth Of Architectural Designs The city of Erfurt dates back some 1,250 years and it has a wealth of architectural delights for visitors to see and enjoy. The many churches and monasteries have given the city a well known description as the ‘Thuringian Rome’. It is the capital city of Thuringia and […]

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