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Hiking Trail Goethewanderweg Ilmenau

The Goethe Path Hiking Trail Named after the German poet, playwright and politician, the Goethe Path (Goethewanderweg) is 19 kilometres long. Goethe himself is said to have visited the trail at least 28 times and it runs between Ilmenau and Stützerbach. Along the path are places where Goethe made an impression and these places are […]

Hiking Trail Eltzer Burgpanorama

Follow The Eltz Castle Panorama Hiking Trail Designated in 2013 as Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail, the Hiking Trail Eltzer Burgpanorama starts at the centre of the small village of Wierschem and delivers to you the sensational panorama of the Moselle Plateau. The trail leads downwards with natural footpaths and you then enter the wild […]

Hiking trail Briloner Kammweg

Hiking In Germany – The Challenging Briloner Kammweg Certified as a quality hiking trail, the Brilon Ridge Trail in Sauerland covers a circular route that is 50 kilometres long. It begins in Brilon, a town where there are some beautiful half timbered houses and a lovely town hall with a Gothic facade. Brilon is a […]

Hiking trail Bergmolchwanderweg

The Alpine Hiking Trail At Bergmolchwanderweg Hiking in the Alps is always delight and Bergmolchwanderweg, which was named after an Alpine newt, is a path that lasts for 11 kilometres and it loops around the Burg Rabenstein (Rabenstein Castle). Located in Brandenburg, the trail is fully marked by signs which depict an Alpine newt in […]

Hiking Trail Barefoot Path Bad Orb

Germany’s Longest Barefoot Path Hiking barefoot can be a liberating experience and if you want to combine this kind of walk with stunning forest scenery in a beautiful part of Germany, try the Barefoot Path Bad Orb (Barfußpark Bad Orb). As a recreational activity for the family it is hard to beat. The trail encompasses […]

Hasetal Recreation Area

Visit The Rabbit Valley (Hasetal) In the North West of Germany on the Osnabrücker land up to Emsland, there is a totally unspoilt valley that stretches for many miles. Known as the Hasetal (Rabbit Valley), this is a natural habitat of bogs, forests and a large area of floodplain. A small creek runs through the […]

Hainich National Park

Hainich – The 13th National Park In Germany Germany is quite rightly well known for its national parks and this one is the 13th to be opened to the public. Founded in 1997, the park sits in a triangular area between three cities; Eisenach, Mulhausen and Bad Langensalza. Covering 160 square metres, the concept behind […]

Climbing Forest Taunus

An Amazing Climbing Experience Spending time outdoors in an amazing climbing forest is a wonderful way to enjoy the scenery in the low mountains of the Taunus. Situated to the North West of Frankfurt, you could imagine that Forest Taunus was really in the jungle. With eleven exciting and tricky courses to climb around and […]

Borberg – An Historic Hiking Destination

A Popular Destination For Hikers Lovers of hiking and challenging long walks will like the mountainous Borberg area which is situated in the Rothaargebirge. The history of this place goes back for 2,000 years and the majestic Borberg Mountain rises some 670.2 metres high. Situated 5.5 kilometres to the south of Brilon, there are many […]

Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest – A Wonder Of Nature If you want to take your family to somewhere special in Germany then look at all that is on offer at the Bavarian Forest. There is so much to do in both summer and wintertime so if you are lovers of nature, put this destination at the […]

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