From Grainau to the Zugspitze Peak

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From Grainau to the Zugspitze Peak

The Highest Mountain In Germany

Visitors to Bavaria often remark upon the spectacular height of the Zugspitze Peak which is the highest mountain in Germany. Towering some 2,962 metres above sea level, this is also Germany’s highest ski resort and it has three glaciers.

A Railway Will Take You To The Top

The Bayerische Zugspitzbahn (Bavarian Zugspitze Railway) is the way that many tourists get to ascend to the Zugspitze. The journey starts at Grainau and takes you right to a plateau that lies just beneath the summit of the mountain. Then the fun continues with the Eibsee-Seilbahn, a funicular that takes you almost to the very top.

Stunning Views From The Zugspitze Peak

The views from the top of the mountain are dramatic and when the weather is clear you can see as far away as 250 kilometres taking in the sights of over 400 other mountain peaks in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Wear The Right Clothes

A visit to the top of the Zugspitze is an experience not to be missed. However, be aware that flip flops or shoes with heels should not be worn. Sturdy flat shoes will allow you to enjoy your trip without fear of an accident and a warm coat is also recommended as temperatures this high up are considerably lower than in the valley below. Even during the peak of the summer, the temperature only averages around 5 degrees. It is a good idea to check the weather report before you decide when to take your trip.

Skiing, Snow Boarding And Tobogganing Activities

There are over 20 kilometres of skiing and snowboarding pistes on the Zugspitze and these activities are available for six months of the year. Active since 1949, the slopes are comprised of 13 intermediate (red) and 7 others with varying degrees of difficulty. Blue slopes are the easiest and these are situated on the northern glacier.

There are two toboggan runs and an igloo village as well as the enjoyment of Bavarian speciality dishes which are served in the excellent restaurants on the mountain.

Accommodation Near To The Zugspitze Peak

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Gästehaus Marianne

Sometimes a guest house gives you the best accommodation and this one is delightful. The Gästehaus Marianne is situated 700 metres from the foot of the mountain and is constructed in an Alpine style. The bright rooms all have traditional wooden furniture and there is a room service if you want to enjoy breakfast in bed.

With a beautiful garden and terrace for relaxing and views over the Alps, this small guest house is ideally situated and has its own parking spaces.

Freiraum Zentral

The Freiraum Zentral contains designer apartments with free parking, free Wi-Fi and they are situated in the heart of the pedestrian zone in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Minimalist decor with dark wooden furniture reflect the nature of the original building which was a former printing press.

There is storage for skis and each apartment has its own balcony or terrace. Situated just 5.81 kilometres from Grainau, the apartments are also close for the skiing resorts and a golf course.

Studio Apartments im Bayerischen Skigebiet

The stylish studio apartments at Garmisch-Partenkirchen have free Wi-Fi and are just a five minute walk from the station. Just a few minutes walk to the restaurants and shops, the apartments also have free parking. There are views over the Alps and a lovely garden where you can sit and relax after your day out.

Sited just a 15 minute drive from the railway which goes to the top of the Zugspitze mountain, these apartments are at the heart of the most picturesque region in Germany.

How To Reach Grainau

By Air

Innsbruck airport in Austria is the closest to Grainau and is 65 kilometres away. There is transport to Grainau by train or car.

By Train

A train from Innsbruck Hbf to Zugspitzbahn departs every two hours and the journey time is 1 hour 42 minutes. Then take a regional train to Grainau which runs every 15 minutes and the journey is just 15 minutes.

By Road

A bus from Innsbruck to Zugspitzbahn runs every four hours and the journey takes an hour. Then you get the train onward to Grainau.

The journey from Innsbruck by car is via the A12 to the B177 then the B2 to Rathauspl. You pick up the A12 toll road until exit 8 Zirl-Ost for E533/B177 toward seefeld/Zirl-Ost/Garmisch. Continue onto Senefelder Str./B177/E533 and at this point you will be entering Germany. Continue on B2 and then take the St.-Martin-Straße, B23 and Zigeunerweg to your destination in Grainau. If there is little traffic the journey time is an hour.

Other Things To Do Near To Grainau

Sightseeing Around Mittenwald

Just 25 kilometres from Grainau is Mittenwald, a town that is famous for making string instruments like the violin, cello and viola. The buildings in the town have painting like frescoes on the outside facades and the churches are also beautifully decorated in this way.

A Trip Into Austria

As Grainau is so close to Austria you can take a trip there and see the lovely city of Innsbruck which has the famous golden roof in the historic city centre. It is simple to reach Innsbruck by car or by train and there are plenty of beautiful buildings to see in the capital of Austria.

Hiking Routes Near Grainau

Naturally most people want to go hiking in the area and there are no shortage of routes near to Grainau. The Höllental” (Hell valley) and the “Höllentalklamm” are very significant hiking routes. The latter is a deep and narrow canyon faced by huge rocks and there are two routes to take. You can choose the easier route and pay an entrance fee or the longer one which is more challenging.

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